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By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

This past Saturday night I was eating dinner before our Philosophy Night with several Chiropractors and with a long term friend Dr. Ginger Grancagnolo. Dr. Ginger is a long time advocate of chiropractic besides being a very talented seminar leader, author and therapist. My children have known her all of their lives even though they really only get to see her a few times a year. The children were busy catching Dr. Ginger up on what is new. They told her about little league, cheerleading and the upcoming school talent show. Then it came out. You just never know what they are going to say. Sophie who is 9 1/2 years old and weighs in at 52 pounds told Dr. Ginger “I am a Chiropractor.” Now I have heard her tell people countless times that she is going to be a chiropractor but this time she just simply reported that she IS a Chiropractor. We all chuckled a little and then she told us where she is going to open up her office. Sophie is the kind of kid that has her feet planted firmly in the ground, she was dead serious. She has been going to chiropractic events for years and I guess she figures she is ready. I don’t mean to make light of her statement. She wouldn’t let me. She just stated the obvious.

This whole conversation brought back a flood of memories for me. I moved to Georgia when I was 17 years old because even though I knew I was not ready to enter Life College I knew I wanted to be near it. At the time Life was not a University so I went over to a local College to get my pre-reqs. I wanted to be near the Chiropractic action. I wanted to go to DE. So one time I was sitting at DE and Dr. John Hofmann said something that changed my life. He asked if there was any students in the room and several of us raised our hands. He then said that he was talking to us. He told us that we are Chiropractors right now. Sure we had to go to school for a while yet he told us that we are Chiropractors as soon as we make up our mind that we are so it was time to act accordingly. We needed to tell people about Chiropractic. We need to start spreading the word. Isn’t that so much of what it is to be a Chiropractor and you can do that without even having a license. In that moment at about 18 years of age I became a Chiropractor. Sophie at 9 became a Chiropractor Saturday Night.

OK, you students who are reading this message, this is your moment, Doctors, Step up. Realize that you can stop living your life like you are waiting for something to happen. I am giving you the permission to be Chiropractic Warriors.

Now you Chiropractors and Chiropractic Supporters: Wake Up! Now is your time. We are on this earth only for a short bleep of time. Wake Up! Share your truth like you never did before. Know by sharing the truth of Chiropractic you will be giving people an opportunity to live with a quality of life that they might have never otherwise realized. You opening your mouth and being honest can change the life of one person, the life of a family, a life of a community and ultimately the lives of millions of people in this country and all the other countries and the world. Think of that when you are uncomfortable or being lazy, think of that when you would rather just fit in and not be the one to bring a new state of consciousness to the world. Remember you are a warrior. Remember what Sophie proudly said, “I am a Chiropractor.”

Focus Philosophy Night: June 3 – 7:00 pm
Drs. Corey Rodnick and Joe Lupo

Chiropractic Career Night Before at 5:30 pm Dinner
Bring Potential Chiropractors

Howard Johnson Hotel – Route 611 Bartonsville, PA (exit 302 off I-80) (570) 424-6100 for Reservations (ask for Focus Rate)
Contact Sharon Gorman at (570) 350-4091 for more info.
Cost: Suggested fee is the price of one office visit. We will be passing the hat to cover expenses.

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