The principle is calling You

By Stew Bittman, D.C.

I feel it coming. Like the barest shift in the breeze, there’s a change brewing. Something’s comin’; something good, if I can wait. I can almost hear a bugle in the far off night, as if the cavalry is mounting up for a charge, just in time for the dramatic rescue. Maybe it’s because spring has fully sprung here in Lake Tahoe. Maybe it’s because Guy Riekeman has taken the bull by the horns (and elsewhere) at Life U. Maybe it’s because I’ve met so many incredible recent graduates and students over the past few months. Maybe it’s because I just got back from a Sigafoose Gathering. Maybe it’s because I’m on my second day of a Sigafoose assignment to focus and meditate on nothing except love. Whatever it is, I can feel it in my bones and in my corns: something wonderful is happening in the principled chiropractic world.

Sure, a quick sweep of the current situation in chiropractic still tends to bring up my breakfast. Certainly, there is a long road to hoe. Unquestionably, it often feels as if you and I (along with our schools that actually teach the principle) are becoming more and more like islands in a sea of compromise and clueless-ness. And yet, as I sit here reflecting on the love and healing and growth and shedding and connection I just experienced at the Gathering, I can’t help but be optimistic.

Slowly, but ever so surely, the warriors from all the islands are preparing themselves to be maximum expressions of Innate. The principle is calling them out. It is tying them together with an invisible yet unbreakable thread. A thread that is braided with love and truth. A thread that is winding itself around the globe. A thread that the world can grab onto and stop its dizzying spin toward self-destruction. And that same thread must be getting close to reconnecting all of those parts of me that have heretofore been isolated. Perhaps that’s exactly where this feeling of impending awakening is coming from.

In case that was all too esoteric for you, here’s the deal. It’s time. It’s happening. It’s not too late. And it’s up to us. It’s time for us to step fully into our highest visions. To take stock in ourselves and to plug the leaks. To rally the troops and tighten our connection and strengthen our message. To get rid of what no longer serves us or the world. To become chiropractors! The phoenix is beginning to rise. The cavalry is coming, and Innate is leading the charge. @ 5:33 pm | Article ID: 1086741224