More Vaccines – The Week in Review 2

Just when you think it’s time to go home and enjoy the weekend, along comes more news regarding the ER vaccine issue. Two News publications have printed articles in response to the uproar that parents and activist groups have created.

Bergen County News: TV fuels vaccine debate
New York Daily News: Ill Will Over ‘ER’ Episode – Autism group protest

While I feel that many are still missing the point, it’s great to see the increased coverage from major news sources. I still keep seeing this “there is no relationship with autism and vaccines” fluff but I believe we will begin to see a different flavor of news soon. Did they miss my January article, “All Hell Breaks Loose On MMR Vaccine“? Take a look at it again and be sure to view the links included in the article. It appears to me that most are either ignoring this information or are not aware of it.

And as far as NBC goes, did everyone get the same canned email response?

“Thank you for your e-mail:
I am sorry but we cannot answer specific questions about shows or stars.
However, for general news and information about all our shows, including
star bios, credits and this week’s episode, visit the show’s Web site at:”

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