Upcoming ICA Election for President

Forwarded by Dr. D.D. Humber for members of the International Chiropractors Association

D.D. Humber, DC, FICA
2710 Twin Leaf Trail
Marietta, GA 30062

Dear ICA Colleague:

I sincerely appreciate your taking the time to read the information contained in this letter as I inform you of my candidacy for the office of President of the International Chiropractors Association. These are times of profound decision for our organization and I want you to know how dedicated and determined I am to move the ICA back into the realm of our founding values and principles. At the same time, I fully intend to push hard, with careful planning and full consultation among ICA’s leadership circle, for meaningful membership development, legislative progress, global development and support of the practice needs of our individual members.

I also want you to know how strongly I believe in teamwork and cooperation within ICA’s leadership circle. I am excited to announce that I will be running as a team with ICA’s current Vice President, Dr. Maxine McMullen. I can’t think of a single individual who has worked harder and contributed more to the strength of the ICA than Maxine. Her years of selfless service, as a leader in ICA’s Pediatrics Council, her contributions to ICA’s publications and her powerful advocacy of ICA’s values in the classroom and on the lecture stage qualify her for any leadership position within the ICA and have earned her the respect and confidence of ICA members worldwide. I am proud to stand with Dr. McMullen in this upcoming election and am confident that she will bring great strength and dignity to our ticket.

ACCOUNTABILITY will be the watchword during the Humber/McMullen Administration. Each Board Member, Committee Chair and Assembly Representative as well as the home office staff will be challenged to produce. I want to provide the kind of leadership and productive development and expansion that only years of perspective, experience and proven service can provide. ICA is not a one-man band where the President is expected to do it all.

That has never worked and won’t work now. Every effort will be made to create an environment where DEDICATION, PERSISTENCE, HARD WORK and
TOGETHERNESS will go hand in hand to build ICA into the world’s largest and finest chiropractic professional association.

Please do not be confused or deceived by the emotional protestations of our opposition regarding their devotion to ICA’s values or their record of service. I have invested nearly four decades as a member of the ICA and more that twenty years as an active ICA worker. I invite you to contrast my decades of service to my opponent’s performance of the past two years. As Chairman of ICA’s Membership Committee for example, he has presided over one of the most precipitous membership slides in the history of our organization, with an erosion of nearly 2,000 members in all categories. Where was the enthusiasm and vision then, where were the letters, where was the plan, where were the phone calls, where was the effort? Was he working on legislation? I couldn’t believe it when I read ICA had agreed to “neuromusculoskeletal” language in the new veterans legislation in cooperation with the ACA. What would BJ say?

This election is not about me. I have no product or seminar to sell and no competing organization to promote. I pledge my full and active service on behalf of the ICA. I invite you to be my partner in an exciting period of celebration of ICA’s values and the worldwide promotion of our organization through the most positive, up-to-date, well-planned and aggressive building effort we have ever experienced in chiropractic.

First, however, we must win what I believe will be a hotly contested election campaign. I earnestly solicit your support but also need you to speak to your colleagues and secure their endorsement for our ticket. Please refer any of your colleagues to me and I will gladly speak with each one personally if they have any questions about this vitally important contest. Would you also provide me with a letter of endorsement, on your clinic letterhead, in your own words? I need your permission to use your name in my campaign promotions so I have enclosed an endorsement for your consideration. Please complete and return the endorsement at your earliest convenience. This form will also be used in case I need to seek nomination via petition of the ICA membership, should the official Nominating Committee give their endorsement elsewhere.

2001 ICA Presidential Campaign Endorsement

A vote for HUMBER/McMULLEN is a vote to put pride of accomplishment as the Number 1 priority. We will walk tall but walk together. I personally look forward to the work we have before us. Work will win–when wishing won’t.

Thank you for your support and for your action. We can do so much on behalf of the profession and the organization we both love if we work together in a climate where our traditional values always come first and where we respect and appreciate our history and our traditions. Help me put the Pride back into ICA! I look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Sincerely yours,

D.D. Humber, DC, FICA
ICA Presidential Candidate


Platform Outline

A. ACCOUNTABILITY: will be the watchword during the Humber/McMullen Administration. Each Board Member, Committee Chair, each Assembly Representative as well as the home office staff will be challenged to produce. ICA is not a one-man band where the President is expected to do it all. That has never worked and won’t work now. Create within ICA, an environment where DEDICATION, PERSISTENCE and HARD WORK, and TOGETHERNESS will go hand in hand to build ICA into the world’s largest and finest chiropractic professional association.

B. MEMBERSHIP, MEMBERSHIP, MEMBERSHIP: From my experience in 20 plus years as Vice President of the worlds largest Chiropractic Institution. I understand how important student enrollment is to the success of the institution, the same applies to ICA regarding membership. What we must do now is build ICA membership on the basis of the powerful philosophical stand ICA will take and reverse the dramatic slide we have experienced in the past two years.

C. SUBLUXATION: Insure that ICA stands up for subluxation by insisting that specific subluxation language be included in all ICA’s legislative proposals at the federal level. I had the honor of successfully offering such a motion at ICA’s recent Mid-Year Board of Directors Meeting. I want to now work from a position of leadership to see that that new policy is, in fact followed.

D. PROTECT OUR VALUES: Fight the currently proposed language in the federal legislation being put forward that defines chiropractic scope of practice as being “for neuromusculoskeletal conditions”.

E. BRING CONSERVATIVE CHIROPRACTORS TOGETHER: ICA seeks common ground with allied associations such as the Federation of Straight Chiropractors and Organizations, and other subluxation-based groups, in defense of our core values.

F. AS AN ICA OFFICIAL ELIMINATE PERSONAL GAIN: NEVER take advantage of ICA office to promote my personal business or exploit my ICA position on behalf of any other concern, business or organization.

G. PUBLIC RELATIONS: Promote a focused, clear and powerful public relations campaign to educate the public about chiropractic as a separate and distinct philosophy, art and science, with pride and energy.

H. RESEARCH: Research is vital to our profession. I want ICA to lead the way in developing and coordinating with our ICA colleges, meaningful research into the effectiveness of vertebral subluxation correction and to create mechanisms by which this information is disseminated to legislative and educational leaders worldwide.

I. COMMUNICATION. I pledge to strengthen ICA communication at every level. Communication between the Representative Assembly and the Board of Directors, and the Board of Directors to the Representative Assembly. From the home office to the Board of Directors and to the Representative Assembly. Last but not least, increase communication to our members and chiropractors worldwide.

Support and Vote for Us

Join those advisors listed below who have offered their vote and support for the Humber/McMullen ticket:

Robert Braile, DC Former President and Chairman of Board
Maxine McMullen, DC Vice President
Gary Walsemann, DC Board Member-New Hampshire
D. D. Humber, DC Board Member-Georgia
Michael Hulsebus, DC Board Member-Illinois
Timothy Meng, DC Board Member, Secretary of Treasurer ICA
Sid E. Williams, DC Board Member-Georgia, Former President & Chair of Board
Gerry Clum, DC President Life West, Former Vice President ICA
Diana Hudgins, DC Representative Assembly Member-Alabama
Mark Ungerank, DC Representative Assembly Member-Arkansas
Joseph Awander, Jr., DC Representative Assembly Member-California
Doug DiSiena, DC Representative Assembly Member-California
Ronald Oberstein, DC Representative Assembly Member-California
George Curry, DC Representative Assembly Member-Connecticut
Rebecca Ray, DC Representative Assembly Member-Georgia
Robert Ressmeyer, DC Representative Assembly Member-Georgia
Lori Ugolik, DC Representative Assembly Member-Georgia
Dennis Heskett, DC Representative Assembly Member-Kentucky
Pedro Gay, DC Representative Assembly Member-Main
Don Hirsch, DC Representative Assembly Member-Maryland
Jack Rushin, DC Representative Assembly Member-Missouri
Samuel Gamble, DC Representative Assembly Member-Mississippi
Mike Fox, DC Representative Assembly Member-New Jersey
Larry Marchese, DC Representative Assembly Member-New Jersey
William Gallagher, DC Representative Assembly Member-Oklahoma
Donald Vance, DC Representative Assembly Member-St. Johns Newfoundland
Michael Heskett, DC Representative Assembly Member-Tennessee
R.J. Kelly, DC Representative Assembly Member-Texas
Steve Bartucsh, DC Representative Assembly Member-Washington
Dan Schaffer, DC Representative Assembly Member-Winnipeg
Darrell Atchley, DC Former Board Member-New Mexico
Fred Barge, DC Former President & Board Member
David Below, DC Former Representative Assembly Member-Alabama
Frank Bemis, Jr., DC Former Board Member-Illinois
Richard Klingert, DC Former Representative Assembly Member-New Jersey
Francis “Butch” Corbin, DCFormer Vice President and Board Member-Washington
Darrel Gibson, DC Former Board Member-Washington
Sam Haley, DC Former Representative Assembly Member- Arkansas
Gerry Mattia, DC Former Board Member, President of ICA Council on Fitness and Sports Health Science
Roy Mitchell, DC Former Representative Assembly Member-New Mexico
Raymond Saint, DC Former Board Member, Vice President of ICA Council on Fitness and Sports Health Science
Maryann Pruitt, DC Former President Texas Chiropractic Society
Nell K. Williams, DC Senior Vice President-Life University, ICA Chiropractor of the Year, 2000
Florida Chiropractic Society
Paula Hedglon, DC ICA Member-Florida, President of Southern Chiropractic Association
Dan Abjeckjerr, DC President Florida Chiropractic Society
Joe Accurso, DC Former President-Florida Chiropractic Society
Craig Berko, DC Director of Marketing & Strategic Alliances, Lobbyist-Florida Chiropractic Society
Joan Fallon, DC Vice President, ICA Pediatrics Council
Rod Handly, DC Director of Development Life University, Board of Regents Life West
Mildred Kimbrough, DC Vice President Life University, Former President, Association for the History of Chiropractic, INC
Dick Santo, DC President Life Foundation, Florida
Billy Winters, DC President New Jersey, Board of Examiners
Roger Hulsebus, DC Board of Trustees Palmer Chiropractic College
Steve Below, DC ICA Member-Alabama
Cecil Laney, DC ICA Member-Alabama
Nick Athens, DC ICA Member-California
Allen Davis, DC ICA Member-California
Ron Schmeltzer, DC ICA Member-California
Arman Rossi, DC ICA Member-Florida
Walter Sanchez, DC ICA Member-Florida
James Sigafoose, DC ICA Member-Maryland
John Mastrobattista, DC ICA Member-New Jersey
Lou Panuccio, DC ICA Member-New Jersey
Paul Roses, DC ICA Member-New Jersey
Andy Forelli, DC ICA Member-New York
Mike O’Hallaren, DC ICA Member-New York
Jan Teitelbaum, DC ICA Member-New York
Russel W. Pavkov, DC ICA Member-Ohio
Peter Amlinger, DC ICA Member-Ontario, Canada
Martha Collins, DC ICA Member-Ontario, Canada
Cliff Hardick, DC ICA Member-Ontario, Canada
Carl Weber, DC ICA Member-Ontario, Canada
John Cafferty, DC ICA Member-Oregon
Jennifer Peet, DC ICA Member-Vermont
Palmer Peet, DC ICA Member-Vermont
Dave Butters, DC ICA Member-Washington
Ted Cunningham, DC ICA Member-Washington
Joe Stucky, DC ICA Member-Wisconsin

Ballots for this election will be mailed to each qualified (paid up dues) member the 1st week in May. Between now and then, solicit your ICA colleagues to vote Humber/McMullen. If they are not members, have them phone 1-800-423-4690 and get a membership application to join and vote. Thanks in advance for your help.

P.S. To add your name to the above list simply email me or fax me at (770) 425-4022 or phone (770) 426-2640.

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