April Chiropractic Roundtable Meeting in Las Vegas

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

The Chiropractic Roundtable Discussion Group (CRDG) is scheduled to meet in Las Vegas on Friday, April 11, 2008. Chiropractors representing 12 states will meet to discuss the Open Chiropractor Directory Project, which was created to speed the process of organizing groups for humanitarian missions, chiropractic office emergency coverage, student volunteer programs and internships, and local community outreach.

The event takes place the evening prior to a scheduled Saturday chiropractic seminar (SCT) at the Westin Casuarina Las Vegas Hotel on East Flamingo Boulevard. Meeting sponsor, Planet Chiropractic, felt it best to conduct the activities in the same hotel as the upcoming chiropractic conference, is more than a hundred chiropractors would already be in attendance for the weekend.

Chiropractors and their families gathering for continuing education events(photo: 3 young chiropractor dads from California and Colorado. Each is raising their kids in a chiropractic lifestyle.)

For the event, the state of California is well represented, with Drs. Ken Gee Ehrlich, Suzanne Frye, Michael Gabrielson, Steve Hansen, and Carolyn Griffin expected to attend and present.

From the East Coast, Dr. Adam Church from East Haven will be representing Connecticut,
Dr. Steven Silverston of Ellicott City will be representing Maryland, Dr. John Gehnrich of Nassau County, Long Island will be representing New York, and Dr. Jeanine Golden of Union will be representing New Jersey.

Other representatives include Drs. Jeffrey Garofalo, Alok Trivedi, Kathy McAuliffe, Laurie Mestdagh (Illinois), Thomas Bossart (North Dakota), Fred Schofield (Arizona), and Matt Mortensen (Nevada).

Besides chiropractor state representatives in attendance, an expert on the topic of building online social communities is expected to be present, along with two former journalists for major news media outlets. One features an extensive background in print publications, and the other has their career experience in broadcast television.

Attendees are expected to check their e-mail and faxes for details regarding the April event. Six key speakers have already been selected and topics from February’s meeting in Tempe Arizona are on the agenda as well. Should changes occur in scheduled presentations, attendees will be notified via e-mail and text message. Be sure that all your contact information is up-to-date with the Planet Chiropractic representative in Las Vegas. Looking forward to another above down inside out masterminded discussion.

Date: April 11, 2008
Meeting location: Westin Casuarina Las Vegas Hotel, Casino & Spa — 160 East Flamingo, Las Vegas Nevada 89109
Contact: Planet Chiropractic (e-mail listed above)

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