Spring and ChiropracTIC Super CA’s

By Super Ca Lynne Gawley-Hofstetter

I was outside yesterday walking around my yard looking at the flowerbeds still covered with snow. We moved into this house this past August so I’m not really sure what will come up through the dirt as the days start to get warmer. One thing that amazed me as I did my survey was the little green buds poking up through the snow.

Wow, how can anyone ever question the Innate possibilities we all have? If a bulb can sleep all winter long and as the first few days of warm weather start it slowly pokes its head through the snow how can anyone question the amazing healing power we have. Do you think if there was a brick placed on that exact spot where the bulb came up last fall the bulb would still grow? Yes it would, it would struggle and change direction and come up somewhere beside that heavy brick. It has a mission, to grow and bloom and delight our senses and eyes as it beautifies our yard.

We also have a mission Super CA’s… to grow and bloom and change the world. No matter how many bricks are placed on top of us. No matter how many people turn their back on Chiropractic because it “doesn’t work” and they go back to the Tylenol bottle. What they didn’t realize was that even though they may have had only one adjustment something in their life changed.

People may not always choose to follow the care guidelines we set out for them. And it should always be their choice. We can only tell them the truth and when it is their time they will accept it. It seems we have had a rash of people returning for care. Usually in worse shape than they were the first time they came into our office. Or perhaps they saw another DC in our area and were too embarrassed to return to that office because they were told the truth and they just didn’t listen.

If someone chooses to leave your practice for whatever reason make sure they know they are always welcome back. We are here to serve-love-give. Sometimes we just have to be patient and wait for the snow to melt and the layers of doubt to come off. Before long the flowers will be blooming in their lives again and they will be renewed. The seeds of our labour are spreading lets be ready for the beauty that will surely come.

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