Life Files Suits Against CCE

Life University Press Release

University Charges Council On Chiropractic Education Denied Due Process In Reaffirmation of Accreditation Review

Life University on Thursday sought to restore Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE) accreditation, a move that would allow students to complete their education without delay.

The University filed a lawsuit in federal district court in Atlanta after it determined that CCE denied due process during recent reaffirmation procedures.

The suit alleges that the CCE:

  • Amended its bylaws in such a manner that they conflict with the articles of incorporation.
  • Adopted Standards for Doctor of Chiropractic Programs and Institutions that strongly favored the liberal branch of chiropractic philosophy at the expense of the conservative branch.
  • Violated Life’s common law due process rights by conducting a flawed and biased process for reaffirmation.
  • Refused to reconsider Life’s application for reaccredidation in a timely manner.
  • “It is disappointing, but necessary that Life file this lawsuit against CCE. From the time I began the presidential application process, I believed there was a good possibility we would be able to apply for accreditation and our application considered in a timely manner,” commented Dr. Ben DeSpain, Life University President-Elect. “However, after several attempts to communicate with CCE and a detailed review of the recent reaffirmation process, I believe CCE, its executive director and administrative officers, intend to destroy Life University.”

    The University’s lawsuit follows a myriad of efforts to regain accreditation that culminated in the CCE Agenda Committee’s decision to deny Life’s request for a discussion on a rule change requiring that chiropractic programs operate for two consecutive years before applying for accreditation. The rule was adopted during the same meeting that Life’s reaffirmation was denied.

    “By denying our request to discuss the recent rule change at the meeting this month, CCE confirmed their position of inflexibility and left Life with no other option but to seek judicial intervention,” added Dr. DeSpain.

    The suit asks the court to:

  • Issue a preliminary and permanent injunction requiring CCE to restore the accreditation of Life University.
  • Declare that CCE failed to provide Life University with due process and fundamental fairness in the reaffirmation of accreditation process.
  • Begin the reaffirmation of accreditation process anew in a manner providing Life with common law due process.
  • “Our suit is based on the University’s fundamental right to a fair and impartial review of the chiropractic program and the fact that CCE is not willing or capable of this basic element of due process afforded us by law,” stated Dr. DeSpain.

    CCE now faces legal challenges from two chiropractic universities. Palmer University filed a lawsuit in Wisconsin charging that CCE deprived Palmer of appropriate representation in its recent CCE reorganization process.

    The reorganization process that Palmer is challenging includes CCE’s attempt to dissolve itself as a Wisconsin corporation to become an Arizona corporation. The Palmer lawsuit claims these actions were taken in violation of the CCE’s own bylaws and articles of incorporation.

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