Chiropractor Takes Home Bronze at 2002 Olympics

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Doug Sharp, a Doctor of Chiropractic, has won the Olympic Bronze medal, along with his teammates, in Saturdays four-man Olympic bobsled race.

Dr. Doug was a part of the four-man U.S. Olympic bobsled team lead by Brian Shimer. Sunday morning media reports spoke of a “stunning rally” by Shimer, who also had Mike Kohn, and brakeman Dan Steele on his team.

The U.S. men’s bobsled team had not won an Olympic medal since 1956, and this was reportedly Shimers last Olympic race. News of the race was on front pages of Sunday newspapers and media websites across the United States.

Todd Hays, along with teammates Randy Jones, Bill Schuffenhauer and brakeman Garrett Hines, captured the silver medal for the U.S. in the four-man event with an overall time of 3:07.81

It is also of importance to note that Dave Juehring, D.C., served as the U.S. Bobsled team leader. Dr. Juehring is Director of Sports Injury at the Palmer Main Clinic in Davenport, Iowa. Doug Sharp, D.C. is a 1997 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa.

Great Athletes + Great Chiropractors = Great Results

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