Step #13 to a Hundred a Day

By Rick Wren, D.C.

Step #13 is actually Additional Success Principle #3 (Always use Chiropractic “Table Talk”). It has been a long standing knowledge, that the more you talk “chiropractic” the busier you are. Reversibly the more you talk weather, sports, news, and sex, the less busy you are.

One of the ways to find out how good your “Tic” talk is in your office is to ask your staff members to explain what a subluxation is. The second is to ask all your patients to explain what a subluxation is. If you are brave enough to try this, you will be very surprised at what your staff and patients do not know overall.

A visit in and out of McDonald’s to pick up food has an expectation of 15 minutes or less. A routine visit in and out of a chiropractic office should have an expectation of 30 minutes or less to expect growth. How thrilled would you be if the person at McDonald’s discussed news and sports every time you went, which delayed your experience by 15 minutes or more. But what if the person gave you a ten second one liner on the quality of their food or service each time you were in and it caused no delay.

Chiropractors make two mistakes with patients. One, they think all patients understand chiropractic after one poor explanation. Two, they try to make every patient their best friends. We all should already know that our family and friends are our worst patients overall.

Buy one of those pointer lasers from an office supply store and start pointing to nerve and subluxation charts on every visit at first. Then point and talk nerve interference every five visits. Any time a patient tells you something or asks you a question, get your laser out and point to a chart while you explain. The real beauty of this is when you have an open adjusting room and several people are learning something. Example, “Doc my numbness in my hand is going away.” Point with your laser to a chart and say, “See that nerve right there? As we correct your subluxation, you are getting more and more power flowing through that nerve. See you Monday.”

Get a score sheet and see how many people you can talk “Tic” with on your next day in the office. Remember it is the opposite of Golf, the higher the score the better.

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