Where did this headline go?

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Where did this headline go? As is clearly stated in our website terms of acceptance, this article (and all other content on our site) is not to be copied in any form without written permission from us. The original post (as inflammatory as it appeared) helps us discover in what ways content is being illegally taken from our website and duplicated or distributed elsewhere. Now, back to our content…

Wait a minute, this chiropractic author just made a major mistake of his own. I’ve gotten these headlines all mixed up. Good thing I don’t write prescriptions. The headlines should have read “Medication Mistakes Continue to Kill and/or Harm Millions.” Silly me, everyone knows chiropractors don’t prescribe medications. Selling drugs, that is the business of medicine. As it turns out, the report is from the well-respected Institute of Medicine. Headlines tonight from several hundred news organizations around the globe read as follows…

Drug mistakes injure millions in US
Medication Errors Harming Millions, Report Says
Medical Mistakes Plague 1.5M Americans a Year
Report: Drug errors common, at times fatal
Drug errors injure 1.5m Americans
Prescription Errors Kill, Injure Americans, Report Says
Drug mistakes injure 1.5 million every year

So let’s get this straight and then the world can go on with business as usual. The report is from the Institute of Medicine, the same group that brought us the 1999 “To Err is Human” report which found that 7000 people die every year as a result of medication errors.

This recent report also suggests that 7000 people a year continue to die as a result of medication error. In fact, the report suggests that drug errors are so widespread that patients going to hospitals can expect to suffer one medication related error every day that they remain hospitalized.

So just to sum this up, in today’s modern and advanced world of fabulous health-care, an estimated 1.5 million people each year in the United States are adversely affected by medication related errors with at least 7000 of those errors resulting in death.

Now excuse me while I go clean my backyard.

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