Chiropractic Economics Launches Stimulus Blog

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Chiropractic Economics is pleased to announce the launch of a new blog that will focus on President Obama’s stimulus package, the package’s influence on health IT, HIPAA, practicing in a recession, and the programs affect on the chiropractic profession.

Stimulus Bills(photo credit: tomitheos)

Doctors of Chiropractic can access the blog directly or through the homepage. “This blog allows DCs a unique opportunity to interact with their colleagues and our editorial staff on a topic that is timely and will greatly affect how DCs continue to practice,” said Wendy Bautista, editor, Chiropractic Economics.

“This is a discussion that needs to be had within the profession. This is an exciting time for the healthcare industry and it seems DCs may have an advocate in eliminating the sick-care model we’ve had to accept as the status quo for so long,” said Ryan Daley, asst. editor, Chiropractic Economics.

Selected content from the blog reads…

How to analyze $1 trillion in 700 words — Obama’s budget calls for: Creating a $634 billion reserve fund over the next 10 years to finance a universal access proposal that will most likely cost at least $1 trillion. (ED NOTE: Sounds like a giant number, but as healthcare spending in America has hovered about $3 trillion for the last few years, I’d venture to say 1 trillion over 10 years is not as crazy as it seems initially.)

Whitehouse healthcare reform site launches — The administration has launched to “allow Americans to view today’s White House Health Forum, share their thoughts about health reform with the Obama Administration and sign a statement in support of President Obama’s commitment to enacting comprehensive health reform this year.”

Editors Note: Chiropractic Economics reached out to Planet Chiropractic in an effort to better promote this topic. Tracking the stimulus package and the package’s influence on chiropractic and healthcare is an important topic and we support their efforts. @ 12:36 am | Article ID: 1236670617