What A Great Day To Be Alive

By Super Ca Lynne

Wow, what a great day to be alive! Today two lives started to change; a premature baby and a battered spouse. When you look into the eyes of a mother who’s baby was born at 1 1/2 pounds and who’s spinal cord is fused to her spine and the mother hands her to you and says, “I know Chiropractic will help her”, something deep, deep down inside you stirs. When you look into the eyes of a woman who was lifted up by her long hair and hit so hard she was knocked unconscious and her muscles and tendons were torn from her skull and she smiles and says I know this is where I need to be, something deep, deep down inside of you will never be the same. I once again had reinforcement from above that Chiropractic is where I am supposed to be. Once that circle of events starts to take place around you there is no telling what can happen, but you have to get very quite and listen to what it has to say.

When I went for a bike ride tonight and looked up at the clouds, felt the wind on my face, heard to crickets singing, felt the light of the moon hit my eyes I was in awe. This Universal force that created us, that guides us, that provides for us is truly amazing.

It was this same force that directed that premature baby and that battered spouse to our door today and I feel blessed that we were there for them. They may not realize it right now but their lives are about to take an amazing turn. It will be great to share the progress with them as they begin their care. It’s that same force that directed us all to be Super CA’s, so we could take part in changing the world. Don’t ever forget how lucky we are to be Super CA’s, we were chosen to be here. Get quiet, reaaaallllllll quiet and listen to your little voice and follow where it leads – amazing things will happen.

Chiropractic is Life!

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