Full of Shit

To: My Cherished Co-Travelers On The Principled Path
From: Stew Bittman, D.C.

For much of my life, my ego had full command of my thots. Like a crazed sea captain, it terrorized the high seas of my consciousness, filling them with fear and self-loathing, making awareness and love walk the plank. I drifted with the tides of the external conditions I was manifesting; charging on without compass or anchor through calm and tempest. Life was unfair, meaningless, scary, and only sometimes fun. My heading was ever turned toward the direction of making someone like me. A jealous captain, I spent much time and energy judging others as to his or her potential to be threat or friend. I deemed many to be my betters, and placed them on pedestals, while simultaneously despising them for having things I apparently lacked. And myself for lacking them. Many others I labeled as less than myself, and I recruited them to be part of the crew so I could feel better about myself. In this way, I spent three and a half decades, strapped to the mast like Ulysses hoping to escape the siren’s call, my ears deaf to Innate’s call.

When I awoke to the fact that my ego was not me, and only a bunch of electrochemical activity in my brain at that, it became the hated enemy. Some other “I”, or so I thot, began a seek and destroy mission against public enemy #1. This other “I” blamed all the lack and self-sabotage and underachieving that was my life on poor ego. Limiting my power, keeping me small and afraid, impersonating a person, and many other items were on the indictment. This “I” mutinied and gained control of the rudder. Now I was on a different trip. My spiritual path. Now I spent much time and energy judging others as to how far along that path they appeared to be. I now had different reasons to beat myself up, constantly acting differently than a “spiritual” person acts, you know- patient, accepting, loving, stuff like that. And, I frequently noticed, the view from the bridge appeared to be pretty much the same as it was before. It finally occurred to me that this other “I” was possibly a new and improved I, but was indeed one and the same. I dreamt of a different I. The one I was beginning to really know I really was.

The years pass faster than the sheep I used to count when I was younger. And my dream somehow has just about caught up with my life. After all the work on self-awareness, all the searching and the questioning; after all the growth and discovery and revelation that our magnificent principle has brought to my life, this is where I’m at: I am full of shit. And so is everyone else. I simply cannot escape the truth of it, and it brings me a deep sense of peace, and a blissfully satisfied smile. I am not my ego, and I no longer hate it. Full of shit it most certainly is, and it is part of me, and part of this dance I do between heaven and earth. Part of being human. And it’s OK. This truth affords me the gentleness and humor with which I now watch the unfolding of my existence. I am most assuredly entertaining. I now spend much time and energy having compassion for others because I know they are full of shit, too, and I allow them the space to clean up their own, while I help remove interference to the manifestation of their highest selves. I do the best I can at being true to my highest self. I work toward spending more time and energy serving, loving, and being. I meditate with the intention of gaining more awareness of my thots. I surrender to a deeper and deeper understanding and knowledge that I and the Father are One. I use my ego to keep me motivated, and I use my shit to help me serve. I am full of shit, and it’s all perfect, because Innate is the captain, and the horizon looks almost unbearably beautiful from here.

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Also, you may be concerned about the language used above. If I had posted this last week I may have edited it but during the weekend, Dr. Joe Strauss reminded me of the four words B.J. Palmer said would kill chiropractic… “What Will People Think” – Dr. Mike

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