AMA Says No to ACA Therapeutics

On March 24, 2000, the Chicago Sun-Times reported an article titled: AMA snubs overture from chiropractors

According to the report, in a letter to the American Chiropractic Association, AMA Chairman D. Ted Lewers said, “It is our understanding that the ACA desires to meet with the leadership of the AMA in order to ‘focus on those issues we have in common.’ However, the AMA has a different view and no desire for such a meeting.”

The report goes on to say that the leaders of the ACA have been trying to meet with the AMA for more than two years and that the members of the ACA are providers of drug-free therapies. (Thank god they are not practicing chiropractic, we would not want anyone confused.)

The AMA and ACA were scheduled to hold a meeting together but the AMA canceled at the last moment, according to the report.

Why did the ACA want to meet with the AMA? The report states that Garrett F. Cuneo, Executive vice president of the ACA had this to say: “we thought that by having the AMA and ACA meet, we could form exploratory committees on education, research and professional development that could speed cooperation. This would help our patients because research has shown chiropractic care can help with low back pain, headaches, asthma and other conditions.”

The one thing I can say about the ACA is that they are clear about where they are going. These chiropractoids are on the trail of manual therapeutics in a medical model and we can easily make the conscious choice not to support them. What about the other “national” chiropractic organization, where are they going?

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Chicago Sun Times – AMA snubs overture from chiropractors

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