An Outpouring of Love

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

In spite of the tragic events of the week we have been reminded over and over again of one thing… love. I was in my downtown Los Angeles office Tuesday morning when the first call came in. Chiropractors called from the east coast to inform me of the news and to suggest I get out of the building. We exchanged words of love and I immediately began thinking of those I know in the New York area.

My mother, who I still have not been able to reach, was less than two miles from the site in NYC. I called continuously yet all I heard on the line was a “all circuits are busy” message each time. My sister in Long Island finally reached me later in the day via email to let me know our mom was shaken up but OK. I love you mom.

My thoughts went out to the chiropractors I know that practice in the surrounding areas of NYC and the rest of the east coast. I could not reach any of you by phone until late in the day and still have difficulty getting through to some. It is an eerie feeling knowing that I just saw several of you Sunday before I boarded a flight for Los Angeles International Airport and I want you to know that I love you all.

Friends, families, practice members, patients, and many others have been lost. It is difficult for me still to grasp the magnitude of this weeks events. We serve so many people and so many of our lives are so deeply interconnected. Emails have continued to stream in bringing news of those that practice in the NY and surrounding areas. Several DCs in our chiropractic family have lost members of their families and our hearts go out to you. Many more have lost practice members and friends and family members of patients. Our hearts go out to you as well. Emails have also come in from those to let us know they are o.k. We love and appreciate you.

I was most touched by the emails that came in from across the globe from those expressing their love to all of us, all chiropractors in the U.S. and all of their families and friends. (that is everyone in this country) I believe their emails to me were meant for all of us.

All of us across the U.S. and probably the world have been experiencing the silence since and on Tuesday I had a very frustrating thought, “what happened to emptying the prisons and hospitals, and filling up our offices, schools and churches?”

A message of hope, love, and light came from so many of you on Wednesday. On Sunday, I heard many chiropractors say (while at gathering) that they intended to speak less and serve more. In talking to many (and I mean many) of you I discovered we are on the same mission… To serve God by serving humanity through chiropractic. What greater gift can we give than that? How much verbal communication is required in order to do that? We certainly were speaking less and serving more and we shall continue to do so.

Countless numbers of Americans laid on tables across the country while chiropractors adjusted in near silence, and continue to adjust as you read this. We must not lose sight of that vision, we must not lose site of the love, life, and light that we bring to the world.

Thank you for your love, your friendship, your support, your smiles, and everything good you bring to the lives of others. God bless you and God Bless America. @ 9:04 am | Article ID: 1000397060