Mom Blogs and Chiropractic

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

There are a number of Planet Chiropractic articles authored by moms. Topics range from leadership and office management to providing chiropractic care for more comfortable pregnancies and safer births. There is also an abundant amount of blogs in the blogosphere, with topics for moms authored by moms. I put together a brief list of mom related articles and authors found on Planet Chiropractic and discovered a spectacular resource for nearly every mom centered blog in existence.

Popular mom chiropractic authors on Planet Chiropractic include Sharon Gorman, Jeanne Ohm, and Martha Collins. They have provided articles such as If Momma Isn’t Happy, Nobody Is Happy, Pregnancy and Chiropractic, and Our Strength is in Our Knowing. All three are fine chiropractors, and they are each extremely active in promoting chiropractic principles within their families, communities, and throughout the world.

Drs. Kathy McAuliffe and Carolyn Griffin(photo: chiropractic moms — Kathy McAuliffe & Carolyn Griffin)

Other mom related topics include Midwives and Home Births, Greater Comfort and Safer Births for pregnant moms, and DCs in the Delivery Room, an article by Dr. Karen Bagnell and her experience as an innate based chiropractor in a hospital delivery room setting.

Back in October 2007 I had the opportunity to interview Jennifer Laycock of The Lactivist, a blog with dozens of stories about being a mom and breast-feeding. On the topic of breast-feeding, there was an article in Aprils news regarding CDC statistics showing breast-feeding in the United States is at an all-time high.

On the topic of moms that blog, the site Alltop, features an aggregate of more mom blogs that I’ve been able to find anywhere else. The site itself is a terrific resource for all sorts of topics, and the page features more than 100 different mom related blogs. When I checked the page earlier today, there were topics such as Babysitting Horror Story, Having a Technology Moment With My Son, Mistook pregnancy for menopause at 45, When the Kids Listen to Crappy Lyrics, and How do I get my kids off the bottle and pacifier at bedtime? Check out the page and check out the site, it’s bookmark worthy.

On this web site, moms are typically poring over the ginormous assortment of vaccines and vaccination articles. Related topics include articles such as flu vaccines for pregnant moms and Moms Plan Lawsuits over Vaccine Contents. Moms like Jenny McCarthy and Barbara Loe Fisher have been featured on the site as well.

I like this message of gratitude by Dr. Sharon Gorman. I also like the The Power of Influence by Dr. Shawn Powers. And we can’t forget this Girlpower post by Dr. Madeline Behrendt. In it she writes… Get Checked – Visit your chiropractor to be checked for vertebral subluxations.

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