Does Ritalin Cause Cancer in Children?

According to an article in the Los Angeles Times, Ritalin along with many other medications can cause cancer in animals. The question asked by parents is “if Ritalin causes cancer in mice, what studies have been done to show it does not cause cancer in children?”

The answer is that no research has been done to show whether Ritalin poses a risk of cancer in children or in adults for that matter. According to the article, the FDA has done nothing other than require a warning along with Ritalin’s prescribing information which states “the significance of these results to humans is unknown.”

The Los Angeles Times article goes on to suggest the possible use of Adderall as an alternative to Ritalin. We suggest you read our reports on Adderall available by clicking the appropriate link below and be responsible when making health care choices for you and/or your children.

Article from L.A. Times:
Unknown Whether Ritalin’s Cancerous Effect Extends to Humans

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