Super Drugs May Result in Super Deaths

A news report on MSNBC titled “Are super-aspirins a super failure” takes a look at the numbers of people who are dying as a result of drug testing for a new type of aspirin.

According to the article, large-scale testing on a new type of super aspirin began five years ago and the results of the drug tests have been shocking. A doctor associated with the studies suggested that between 150 and 200 volunteers have died as a result of the treatment given, according to the article.

Reportedly, the drug companies are looking for larger markets involving new types of aspirin. They have spent hundreds of millions to prove that these drugs work, but among the 42,500 volunteers one result has been repeated and repeated time and again, the drugs kill people. According to the article, the testing still continues although many medical researchers are concerned.

MSNBC: Are super-aspirins a super failure?
Intended to improve on the two-cent variety, the new drugs may instead kill. @ 5:22 am | Article ID: 980860949