A Winning Chiropractic Student

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I don’t usually make news announcements of our prize drawings but I discovered a few notable things when drawing the winning business card from our jar this week. Whenever Planet Chiropractic has a booth at a chiropractic event, as we did at this past weekend’s New Beginnings, we hold a raffle for items such as chiropractic tattoos and Planet Chiropractic T-shirts.

There was something very refreshing about the cards I collected and I wanted to share that with you. The cards were of all different types and from different places yet the theme was the same. A sampling of cards read…

Wellness Family Chiropractic – Releasing the Healing Power within, Derman Family Chiropractic – Quality Chiropractic Care, Chiropractic Family Wellness Center – The World Is Healing a Spine At a Time, Rhodes Family Chiropractic – Chiropractic for a World of Difference, Open Heart ChiropracTIC Center – Expand Your Mind and Open Your Family’s Hearts for a Journey in Lifetime Chiropractic Wellness, Mihlon Chiropractic Center – Family Chiropractic, New Jersey Alliance for Informed Choice in Vaccination – Parents and Individuals Concerned about Vaccine Safety and the Right to Informed Consent.

Was it the four day philosophy event that drew so many like-minded chiropractors? One thing I can say is that it is refreshing to see the message that these doctors are sending out to the folks in their communities. But it was the winning card that was most refreshing. It simply stated “Sachio Okage – Chiropractic Intern.” As it turns out, Sachio is a chiropractic student attending Life West in Hayward CA. Sachio had traveled nearly 3000 miles to New Jersey to fellowship with chiropractors of like-mind and principal. These are the qualities I have seen in some of our greatest practitioners; many will tell you about the travels they made while they were chiropractic students. Congratulations Sachio, your prize may be in the mail but you’re already a winner.

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