Hot Dogs, Fireworks, & Freedom

by Daria Belov

Happy 4th of July 2007 America! Independence Day is upon us, a birthday celebration of the day the United States claimed independence from Britain. The US is a nation made up of diverse and dynamic people. This Fourth of July will be like many before, with Americans celebrating their freedoms by enjoying barbecues, family gatherings, trips to the beach, and most definitely fireworks shows.

Millions of Americans will be indulging in meals that include such American favorites as hot dogs (aka frankfurters) and hamburgers. While most meat eaters will be limiting their intake to a few hot dogs maximum, some will be seeking to break world records.

There is a major hot dog eating contest in New York’s Coney Island that’s been held on the Fourth of July for years. The event is sponsored by Nathan’s Hot Dogs and some of the top contenders are expected to consume as many as 60 hotdogs in the allotted time of 12 minutes.

hands on chiropracticThere’s been news in the press regarding the six-time defending hot dog eating champion Takeru Kobayashi. According to news reports, the 154 pound Kobayashi is reportedly suffering from a TMJ problem with his jaw. He has great hopes of winning though, the hot dog eating champion has been receiving care from his chiropractor in preparation for the event, as well as dental care.

I’d prefer the vegetarian version two hot dog eating contest, washed down with freshly brewed iced tea. Suppose there will be no contests for me!

Good luck to Kobayashi and all the others competing in this 2007 Fourth of July event. To everyone else in America, give your doctor of chiropractic a day to relax, enjoy the fireworks, enjoy the food, and enjoy your freedoms!

Update: 23-year-old Joey Chestnut beat Kobayashi in the Nathan’s hot dog eating contest. Chestnut, a resident of San Jose, California, broke a world hot dog eating record, consuming a total of 66 hotdogs (including buns) in 12 minutes.

The event was attended by an estimated crowd of 50,000 people and ESPN sports announcers stated that Joey’s win could be the “greatest moment in American sports history.”

You can watch the video below, coming from a youtube feed. Both these guys could use chiropractic care with the way they are swinging their necks back, especially Kobayashi. Be forewarned, Kobayashi suffers a reversal of fortune (upchucks some hotdogs) towards the end of the competition. Viewing is not suggested for the faint hearted.

Video no longer available. 🙁

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