Your 2001 Chiropractic Commitment

By James Sigafoose, D.C.

This is the spirit of infinite plenty, the power that has brought and is continually bringing, all things into expression, in material form… If you live in the realization of oneness with this power you become a magnet to attract to ones self a continual supply of whatever things you desire.

If you hold yourself in the thot of poverty, you will be poor, and will remain so until thinking changes. If you hold your thot in prosperity, you set in forces that will sooner or later bring you into prosperous conditions. The law of attraction works unceasingly through out the universe, and the one never changing fact is… like attracts like.

We are one with this infinite power, the source of all things, in the degree that we live in the realization of this oneness, and in the degree we actualize in ourselves a power that will bring to us an abundance of all things, that it is desirable for us to have. – Just Do It

Don’t forget to sit down and do your goals for the next year. Also, go out and buy poinsettias and sit them around the office, then give them away a few days before Christmas. Give acknowledgement to the patient of the year, and have a New Years get together with a covered dish, and discuss with your folks, to plan a new way of life.

Lock into constructive thinking, forgiveness, abundance and thankfulness.

Talk about regular family chiropractic checks, the use of nutrients, exercise (walk or run), how to think and see themselves the way they want to be, not how they are. Cancel negative and replace with positive. Have fun and start from there for you to have a monthly advanced living session and for them to help and bring friends. You may get so big you might have to have a hotel room. Make it a game and don’t do it for new patients. Do it as a service to the community. Put notices up at peoples work places, the gyms, and health food stores, etc…

Now that the year is ending, is the time to plan next year. Plan your work, and work your plan. Have a year end meeting and discuss all the wins and strengths. Lay out a 1 year calendar and write in what and where you are going to promote, and talk and educate. Know what you are going to do and do it.

Have a Doctors talk once a week or twice depending on the number of new patients. By the way, are you getting 100 new patients per month and if not why not? Are you using education cards, having open houses, covered dish parties, home gatherings, corporate talks, re-call letters, birthday cards thank you grams etc., or are you sitting around and chewing your cud like a cow in the pasture?

Let’s get ourselves committed to seminars, i.e.: all the Gatherings, send your CA’s to CA college, at least each 6 months. Lets have you invest in tapes, video and audio. I will see you at Dynamic Essentials, Parker, and when I go to Paris, England, and Spain.

Dedicate yourself to growth and change. Lock into constructive thinking, forgiveness, abundance and thankfulness. Get your fees set so that all can afford you for a long time.

Keep the faith, and walk by faith not by sight. Pray and bless your enemies, send money to Oklahaven, smile and be happy, by looking for the good in things that are bad, accept it, and move on. @ 10:53 am | Article ID: 977424789