Saturday Whiteboard

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

This post most definitely goes into the thoughts category. It’s not intended to be of any benefit to anyone, but you never know what you can learn by reading somebody’s Whiteboard (a.k.a. dry erase board).

It’s Saturday and it’s time to clean the board so I can prepare for the week ahead. It seems no matter how large a Whiteboard I get, the space fills up rather quickly. Still, I enjoy the feeling of getting up from the computer and writing things out on the board, checking off tasks as they are accomplished.

If none of the info here makes sense to you, no need to worry, as this post is primarily intended for me. Account information has been smudged.

Whiteboard Saturday

A much larger version of the above photo can be viewed here. I’m going down the list…

Linkbait by May 16 (Audio, video, photo, or post, to be completed before that date)

Vitamins (I do daily checkoffs on vitamins to make sure I’m staying on target)

Intro to Search Marketing | CCCLA / DCS / CCA (question for myself as to which local Southern California groups would be interested in my chiropractic centered search marketing talks — Cleveland College, Dead Chiropractic Society, California Chiropractic Association)

News and Blog (the goal is two news posts per day and one blog post per day — for planetc1) Saturday not yet complete.

Blog Post: How I got USA Today – Digg – Mixx – Sphinn – Reddit

Screenshots Article – Army Social Media

Relentless Content Creation *

That links to DCNearMe pages, chiropractors NearMe > form post, Forms, Scripts, Spotlight

Photo in Every Post

Local Linking

Address Data

Spotlight Series

build form – create first posts – blog examples – e-mail to chiropractors (spotlight series becomes articles for planet chiropractic)

Most Influential 2008 blog/news — Cleveland, Clum, Fabrizio, Technique, ACA, ICA, WCA

Linkbait – celebs chiro – screenshots – neck cracking

Mother’s Day – Memorial Day – Father’s Day – summer – July 4 – Labor Day (upcoming events to add to the mental tickler file)

June 1 articles

link out .info template

post, post, post (that means get some stuff posted)

Local Chiropractic – news 2x weekly – office profile – image – address – school – primary DC – how to participate

Where tattoos? Vacaville? (wondering where temporary tattoos were ordered)

San Diego WP (postal codes, cities, classifieds, news clip, local news)

Chris W. gift (what to get for Chris?) (profiles with icons and links)

White Board > purchase eight-foot by 5 foot Whiteboard for other wall so posts like this don’t have to be made when erasing what’s on the current board.