Chiropractic Search Marketing Intensive in LA

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

It’s been nearly 7 years since I’ve hosted a chiropractic seminar in Orange County or Los Angeles (California Focus) but that will soon be changing. While I have continued to speak at chiropractic events during these past seven years, I’ve been holding back on some of the Jewels of information that I have regarding marketing and the Internet, search engine optimization (as it applies to this industry), traditional chiropractic marketing, call tracking research, local business listings and mapping optimization, and a number of other topics I’m discovering chiropractors are increasingly seeking to learn.

getting dipped chiropractic search marketing

It’s unfortunate but there is a lot of mis-information out there, and I’ve been witnessing chiropractors taking a beating both off-line and online. Those that are beginning to figure out how to better market online are dominating search results in their communities, and it’s going to become increasingly more difficult for a chiropractor’s Web presence to take hold.

I’ve spoken to a number of experts in the field of search marketing, social media, local search, and other online endeavors that have information chiropractors should be paying closer attention to. I’ve been communicating with some of these professionals on a daily basis and I’ve been holding back on aggressively educating chiropractors and passing this information on simply because I feel the majority don’t get it (yet). That has to change.

After nearly 3 dozen people at the California Jam asked me about helping with their web sites, their local search marketing, questions they had about pay per click advertising (PPC), and other online related topics, I figured it couldn’t hold out much longer. (Mind blowing chiropractic conferences will do that to you – you just want to give back more.)

So let’s turn it up a notch or 10, let’s get you the tools that will turn your community into a an army promoting your chiropractic business both off-line and online, let’s get into the secrets of gaining major national press about your practice, let’s cover everything we possibly can to get you up to speed on becoming a driving online force that’s promoting chiropractic in your community, in your city, in your state, and across the planet. What do you say?

We have the experts that can get you the critical information you need to succeed in your online efforts. We are still working out the details as to whether this will be a single day intensive (Saturday) or a weekend event (Saturday Sunday). The first will be held in Los Angeles, California (likely nearby LAX) and I’ve been speaking to a few conference room managers at hotels to coordinate dates.

Were looking at a tentative date in August or September for the Los Angeles event. We’re also actively checking out Orange County, Seattle, and either Chicago or New York for future locations.

Don’t be fooled, this is no introductory course to the Internet brought to you by a chiropractor that’s managed to do well with their office website. No way Jose. We’ll be talking about stuff you haven’t heard at any chiropractic conference, seminar, or event, anywhere (unless you spent time with me in the bar this past year).

Some things I can already tell you, you’ll definitely have to possess a laptop with WiFi Internet access for the event. We will be working with our computers nearly the entire time, with heavy interaction. There will be a number of things for you to do online before you attend the event, but that information will be shared at registration.

We are undecided yet as to whether staff will be able to attend, as currently everything we’ve been working on is specifically geared towards the chiropractor in the office. Were also planning on limiting attendance to a select number of chiropractors.

Details so far… held in Los Angeles, weekend in August or September 2008, must have laptop with WiFi, must be prepared to learn a boat load of new stuff.

Regardless whether you’re planning to attend or not, if you’re a chiropractor, get your name, address and business information added to the chiropractors post.