2013 Tong & Associates Continuing Education Seminars

Seeking continuing education credits in the state of California or Nevada? I’ve done Tong & Associates Continuing Education Seminars a few times in past years and found the program to be worthwhile. Sharing what I received in the mail recently for chiropractors that may have not heard of this series before.

Tong Seminar Dates & Locations2013 Tong & Associates Continuing Education Seminars
Southern CA | Northern CA | Central CA | Nevada
Co-Sponsor: Cleveland Chiropractic College

Seminar Dates, Series & Locations

4/13 Saturday A Monterrey
4/18 Thursday A Woodland Hills
4/25 Thursday A Buena Park
5/04 Saturday A Reno, NV
5/09 Thursday A Fresno, CA
5/11 Saturday B San Diego
5/18 Saturday A Ontario
5/23 Thursday B San Jose
5/30 Thursday B Burbank
6/01 Saturday A Hacienda Hts
6/06 Thursday A Santa Ana
6/08 Saturday A Pleasant Hill
6/15 Saturday B Camarillo
6/27 Thursday A Las Vegas
7/11 Thursday A Torrance
7/18 Thursday A San Rafael
7/20 Saturday B Stockton

7/25 Thursday B Moreno Valley
7/27 Saturday B Woodland Hills
8/03 Saturday A Monrovia
8/08 Thursday B Monterey
8/10 Saturday B San Luis Obisbo
8/15 Thursday B Garden Grove
8/22 Thursday A San Jose
8/24 Saturday B Roseville
9/07 Saturday A Burbank
9/14 Saturday A Oxnard
9/19 Thursday B Buena Park
9/21 Saturday B Ontario
9/28 Saturday A Oakland
10/5 Saturday C San Diego
10/10 Thursday C Fresno, CA
10/12 Saturday C Palm Desert
10/19 Saturday B Hollywood

Seminar Topics available: On-site/On-line
Radiologic Diagnosis/Advance Imaging: 5 CE
Victor Tong, DC, DACBR

Ethics & Law: 3 CE
Shawn Steel, ESQ, Albert Abkorion, ESQ; Victor Tong, DC

Technique: 4 CE
Leonard Faye, DC; Robert Coopeisti in, DC
James Brantingham, DC; Rick Morris, DC

Nutrition: 3 CE
G Doug Andersen, DC, CCSP; Jay Robbins, DC
Susan St Clair, DC, DACBN

Documentation, Billing & Coding: 4 CE
Thomas Freedland, DC; Michael Burke, DC

 Tong CE Chiropractor Seminars 2013

Two Seminar Series (approved by multiple states)

Registration: Call 626-383-5754 2-weeks in advance
Series A / new Series C 5 hr Radiologic Diagnosis + 3 hr Ethics & Law + 4 hr Technique
Series B 5 hr Advance Imaging + 3 hr Nutrition + 4 hr Documentation, Billing & Coding
Either A or B WILL satisfy 100% requirement when renewed before June (tech, ethics not required yet)
Package of 24 hr CE /yr at $250 if purchase two weeks in advance. Choice of all on-site or 1/2 on line.

4 thoughts on “2013 Tong & Associates Continuing Education Seminars”

  1. Mike; is it worth going for a young DC? I heard of Dr. Freedland talk once before and he was good. He made billing easy to understand.

    1. Personally, I often find these events are worthwhile attending especially when a young DC. I’d get as much education as possible as often as possible, it pays back dividends as you grow in practice.

  2. Hi there,
    Any similar listings in Illinois/Chicagoland area? That’s a great list and would love to find a similar one here in IL.

    1. Sorry for the delayed reply, I checked and there’s no IL area seminars by the same instructors, perhaps someone else in the state is doing chiropractic relicensure for x-ray.

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