Discover NeuroModulation Technique in Portland Oregon

Announcing a June Universal Care Level A in Portland, OR

NeuroModulation Technique (NMT)Discover the one cause of illness and pain that no pill can cure and no surgery can repair.

Every person has a blueprint for healing, an innate capacity to transform illness into wellness. When that blueprint is distorted and the mind-body’s systems to repair and restore itself have become confused, the body becomes stuck in illness and fails to heal itself the way it was designed to do. Discover the NeuroModulation Technique (NMT) method of “informational medicine” and learn the key to unraveling and correcting the informational basis of illness, and suffering.

Here is what you will learn:

  • A new way to understand the way the universe is structured and how it functions that will convince you of the scientific foundation of NMT.
  • Two unique forms of muscle response testing that allow you to accurately find out why the body is ill and let you train it to heal.
  • Special dialogs called NMT “clinical pathways” instantly retrain the mind-body to restore its innate capacity to heal including:

NMT Universal Care Toxin Pathway: Learn how to train the body to detox itself without the need for special supplements or medications. Laboratory studies have shown 2x-3x increases in heavy metal elimination – solely by application of the NMT Toxin Pathway.

NMT Universal Care Infectious Agent Pathway: Ever wonder why one person in a family gets an infection and another doesn’t. It’s all about how accurately and efficiently the immune system is reading and responding to the challenge of pathogenic microbes. NMT Universal Care retrains the immune system to recognize and respond to infection – bringing a quick end to respiratory, digestive, skin, and other types of infection without dangerous antibiotics.

NMT Universal Care Allergy and Autoimmune Pathway: Allergy and autoimmune diseases are conditions that clearly reflect confusion of the body’s systems to regulate its function. How else to explain why our own immune system would attack the body or produce illness in response to foods or environmental substances that offer no real threat. NMT resolves allergies of all types by finding and fixing the nervous system confusion that causes them – often immediately.

NMT Universal Care Sensory-Motor Pathway: Resolve pain, even pain of months or years duration in minutes. This incredible NMT module for control of musculoskeletal symptoms like pain and stiffness succeeds where pain meds and muscle relaxers have been of little help. Imagine being able to stop pain and release muscle tightness in moments with no pills.

NMT Affective States Pathway: Bring immediate relief to emotional suffering and psychological pain. The NMT model tells us that emotions set the operating mode and tone for the mind-body. No emotion is good or bad, but when we become locked into emotions that aren’t appropriate for the present moment they misdirect the body into a disease state. Can you imagine that an allergy sufferer’s immune system might be stuck in a mode of fear misdirecting it to react against foods or airborne substances that are not really a threat? Can you imagine that a mind-body stuck in a mode of rage might have a tendency toward arthritis or other inflammation? NMT Universal Care offers tools to immediately find and fix such self-destructive nervous system patterns and restore the healthy emotional and psychological state required for healing.

You don’t need to be a health care professional to learn NMT Universal Care.
Are you interested in learning how you can heal yourself? Are you a mom or dad who wants to protect the health of their children, friends, and family? Are you a health care professional who wants to learn state of the art “informational medicine” that you can use your first day back in your office? Then NMT Universal Care Workshop is for you!

Whether you are a health care provider looking for new, simple, and easily learned ways to help your clients, or someone who would like to help yourself, your friends and family, you can finally have some real power and control of your health instead of being a passive consumer of drugs and medical care.  Whoever you are, the NMT Universal Care Workshop will transform your life and the lives of those you help with your new NMT skills. Plan now to join us for the most interesting and valuable workshop you have ever attended!

If you come to the live seminar and also purchase the DVD seminar set, the DVDs are reduced 50%.

NMT Universal Care Level A – June 28 – 30, 2013

Seminar Location: Windows Skyroom at the Red Lion at the Convention Center

Windows Skyroom at the Red Lion at the Convention CenterRed Lion Inn: Portland Convention Center
1021 NE Grand Avenue
Portland, OR 97232
Hotel: 503-235-2100

Seminar times will be: Friday and Saturday 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. (we may go a little later for treatment sessions), and Sunday 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Please come 15 min early on Friday to sign in.

Call Ann at 541-567-0200 for assistance or any information you need regarding registration, hotel choices, etc.

Register Online anytime, or call our office at 541-567-0200 to register (M-Th 9am – 5pm)

Don’t miss what will be a transformative experience in your NMT practice!

Leslie S. Feinberg, D.C.