1990s Photos and Importance of Chiropractic Fellowship

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

While I was preparing to leave for the office this afternoon I received a phone call from a chiropractor that is new to practicing in California. Dr. Glenn Larsen of Lifetime Health Chiropractic Center in Santa Barbara, California called me thanks to a referral from Dr. Anita Morgenstern in New York.

Dr. Glenn called seeking chiropractors in the Santa Barbara area that he could fellowship with and I’m hoping we come across other chiropractors in the Southern California area that welcome Glenn into their circle. I’m hoping Dr. Glenn doesn’t have to create a circle of his own, but sometimes that’s just about what it takes to get the ball rolling.

I told Dr. Glenn about DCS meetings in Orange County and told him lots of local docs (in California) go to Schofield Chiropractic Training and that many bonding relationships in West Coast chiropractic have formed as a result of those trips to Arizona. It was a bit unfortunate that just yesterday I was making travel arrangements to attend a focus philosophy event in Pennsylvania when we used to host those events in Orange County. It has been a long time since those days, and I was reminded of the Los Angeles Chiropractic Philosophy Society, and the regular get-togethers we used to have when I was a chiropractic student at Cleveland Chiropractic in Los Angeles.

Hard drives and archives are amazing, while I haven’t managed to save everything over the years (data rot and damaged hard drives),  I continue to find images and documents from the 1990s (my beginnings in chiropractic). Turns out the LA Chiropractic Philosophy Society held an inaugural meeting on June 5, 1999, a Saturday.


Do any chiropractors in the Los Angeles area remember whose office the inaugural meeting was held in? I remember chiropractors Jeff Ptak and Glenn Fischel (sorry about letting your kid smoke that cigar Glenn) were pretty active in this society, so was Dr. Luke Cohen (at that time a chiropractic student), as were other local LA chiropractors and students.

10 Years later and I still have a scan of the original document used for that first chiropractic meeting. Does anybody remember the ones that were taking place prior put on by Dr. Jeffrey Danielsen? He was a Cleveland Chiropractic College graduate, I believe in 1995.

Look at that handsome gentleman in the middle of the photo above. No, not Patrick Gentempo, the other handsome gentleman (who was not yet a chiropractor). According to my drive, this photograph was scanned and saved digitally on September 26, 1997 (I’m a pack rat of chiropractic media). Looks about right to me since that’s Dr. Luke Cohen on the far right, and he was still a student in Los Angeles at that time as well.


Simply Chiropractic, an image that was on my hard drive from around July 26 of 1998. The original is a 640×480 Tiff file. Remember when nearly everything was 640 pixels by 480 pixels? I had to locate a program that I could open up this tiff file with so I could convert it to JPEG and post here. Times have changed. So many chiropractic related designs created in the late 1990s, and while some of them are not the greatest quality, I think I’ll be posting them anyway for historical purposes.

If anything,  Dr. Glenn reminded me today of the importance of chiropractic fellowship in the community, who have we got if we don’t have each other?