Conferences near Airports

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I live close to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and there are all sorts of conferences being held within a two-mile radius of the airport on a regular basis. Among some of the chiropractic conference notifications I received this past weekend there was one being held at the Doubletree Hotel near LAX and it was being sponsored by Life University.

The event offered a seven hour relicensing continuing education credit but there were no technique hours offered. Instructors included Catherine Franklin, a chiropractor who was a former professor of clinical sciences at Life University, and Peter Goldman, a Life Chiropractic graduate who practices in Beverly Hills, California.

Another Southern California Airport location that’s been growing in popularity for seminars is Ontario Airport. I received a brochure for an Applied Chiropractic Nutrition Seminar which was being held at the Ayres Hotel and Suites in Ontario, California. It was a one-day seminar, which makes it easy for people to fly in and attend a full day, heading out later that night, or flying home early the next morning.

I received a postcard regarding three spinal decompression seminars being held in the Southern California area and all were nearby major airports. The first was being held in Orange County, nearby John Wayne Airport (SNA) and the others were being held in San Diego (SAN) and Los Angeles (LAX).

I also received a postcard from the National Association of Certified Natural Health Professionals regarding a conference at the Doubletree Hotel near LAX, that’s the same hotel that the Life Chiropractic sponsored event was being held.

Seminars for 2007 are winding down and schedules for 2008 will likely be going into the mail in the coming months. Having events related to chiropractic included in the database for 2008 chiropractic seminars is a no-brainer. It’s a free service provided by Planet Chiropractic, anyone can register, and users can manage an unlimited number of their own events. The database is browsed and searched by thousands of chiropractors every month and those hosting events can even include links to their website. If you’re seminar is not listed, it sure makes it harder for people to locate your information.

Get online, get registered, and post your conference and seminar information for 2008, before your health-care audience decides to go somewhere else.