ICPA Certification Program Classes Starting Fall 2009

By Daria Belov

Continuing education for the chiropractic industry has some new locations coming this fall, thanks to expanding programs from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, in cities like Philadelphia, Minneapolis and Toronto. Planet Chiropractic received notification from the ICPA regarding their practitioner certification program, with news that the program is expanding to new cities in the United States and Canada beginning this fall 2009.

More Kids Getting Chiropractic Care thanks to ICPA
The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (icpa4kids.com) is expanding its continuing education program to Philadelphia, Minneapolis, St. Louis, and the city of Toronto, beginning in the fall of 2009. Chiropractic practitioners living and/or practicing in those cities, may be interested in further continuing their education regarding chiropractic pediatric care, and this expanded localized program makes gaining new knowledge and easier task.

The ICPA teaches chiropractor skills to provide them with the education and clinical excellence to care for more families. Their new locations, as well as 12 existing locations for pediatric seminar series, can be viewed here. Some other locations include Los Angeles, Denver, Boston, New Jersey, and Dallas Texas. Visit the seminar locations page for more information on classes and continuing education.

What’s great about ICPA courses is that each class can be taken as independent freestanding seminars. All the classes have license renewal provided by the ICPA and Cleveland Chiropractic College. For those that want to attend the certification program, it consists of 15 modules, 14 classroom modules and a PBRN research clinical module. The classes are taught by leading authorities in chiropractic family wellness today. There is a special emphasis placed on hands on adjusting techniques and practical information so that chiropractic attendees can return to their offices and implement what they have learned immediately. The certification classroom modules are open to both chiropractors and students.

The 15 module ICPA Certification program is part one of the ICPA Diplomate 360 Hour Program. More information regarding the Diplomate Program, certification modules, and other ICPA chiropractic seminars, can be viewed on the pediatric chiropractic seminar pages.

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