Whiplash and Spinal Trauma Series Phoenix

This is for chiropractors…

Whiplash and Spinal TraumaDrs. Dan Murphy and Richard Christie are hosting a Whiplash and Spinal Trauma 2 part series in Phoenix, AZ in April and May.

Dr. Dan Murphy will teach you the necessary physiology and neurology to explain and treat whiplash and spinal trauma; what tissues are injured and how they can turn into chronic pain and permanent injuries.

Dr. Christie will show you how to use, record, and report the patient/accident information you acquire in a way that will give you credibility with insurance companies and attorneys. This class prepares you to become an expert witness and credible D.C. to both public and chiropractic disciplinary boards.

April 12-13 Dr. Christie — (12 noon – 7pm and 8am – 1pm)
May 10-11 Dr. Murphy — (8am – 5:30pm and 8am – 12 noon)

Sheraton Phoenix Airport (weblink)
1600 S. 52nd St. Tempe, AZ 85281 — 480-967-6600

Pricing (subject to change)
ICA or State Association Member: $275 ($499 for both seminars)
Non-Member: $299 ($548 for both seminars)
Attorney: $299 (when accompanied by the DC: $275 or $499 for both seminars)

What You Will Learn… Newest Research Applications

The Accident

  • What is injured in a motor-vehicle collision?
  • Can spinal injury occur where there is little or no vehicle damage?

The Injury

  • What tissues are the source of chronic spinal pain
  • How does pain travel from the injured tissues to the brain
  • How do you document whiplash post-traumatic articular stability

Effects on the Body

  • What are the 5 principles for chronic pain syndrome?
  • How does whiplash injury affect the immune system, vision, dizziness emotions, cognition?

Healing and Nutrition

  • How do injured soft-tissues heal?
  • What is the best treatment to heal injured spinal tissues?
  • How do we nutritionally manage pain and tissue healing?

Chiropractic’s Role

  • How do chiropractic adjustments inhibit whiplash trauma pain?
  • How can chiropractors minimize adverse post-traumatic fibrosis?
  • How does chiropractic affect the neurobiology of chronic spinal pain?

Registration info is available here. Blog info regarding Chiropractic Continuing Education, License Renewal, and Technique seminars. Also check the PC calendar for chiropractic events near you.

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