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New Beginnings in Asbury Park New Jersey 2020

Greetings Asbury Park

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

While nearly the rest of the world was watching the Super Bowl, this past weekend I attended the New Beginnings intensive in Spring Lake, NJ. I was seeking the heart of chiropractic and my heart told me where I could find it.

My heart was so filled with fire that I plunged (literally) into the Atlantic Ocean (wearing only my underpants) and the fire didn’t go out. As I sit, this fire continues to burn. The fire will always burn, as this principle is alive within. ADIO.

Greetings Asbury Park

I’m really excited about the May (and October) 2020 New Beginnings Chiropractic events in Asbury Park New Jersey.

I have committed to be there in May and October this year, and I’m looking forward to seeing you there.

May 15-17 are the dates (Friday – Sunday) for the next New Beginnings, held at the Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel in Asbury Park.

There’s going to be an excellent lineup of speakers (I LOVE the New Beginnings Speaking Format) and Dr. Gerry Clum will be receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Thinking about my plunge into the Atlantic, which I did along with fellow chiropractors, I’m reminded that I’ve walked on fire with the same people.

You can get more information and get registered via the New Beginnings website. I’ll see you in New Jersey!


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