Body Systems and Professional Educational Events

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Among the postcards and faxes I received in my chiropractic office yesterday were three pieces of information for upcoming seminars and events directed at health-care professionals. I received a postcard from the National Association of Certified National Health Professionals (try saying that real fast) with information about an event that’s going to be in the Los Angeles area during the month of November. According to the postcard, this program emphasizes on the practical aspects of maintaining homeostasis in the body and maximizing health. The seminar is expected to address issues related to organs, glands, tissues and structures of the human body. Event is that the Doubletree Hotel which is near LAX airport. I don’t have a web site but if you’re interested you can contact the CNHP at 1-800-321-1005 for more information.

I received a fax regarding two chiropractic events taking place in November and both are hosted by Schofield Chiropractic Training. The first event takes place in Elmhurst, New York and it’s scheduled for the weekend of November 3. The second is scheduled for the following weekend, which is November 10, and it will take place in Anaheim, California. I will be attending the Anaheim seminar and staff from Planet Chiropractic will be conducting a number of interviews with chiropractors visiting the Southern California area. If you are attending the event and you’d like to participate in our spotlight on chiropractors coverage, make a connection with someone from our office on Friday or Saturday of that weekend. Details such as hotel information for both of these conferences are available on the seminar and events pages.

Viva Las Vegas! I love going to Las Vegas, especially since I can get Internet access almost everywhere. I don’t gamble so it’s just a bright and shiny place for me to hangout at. A number of my California friends have purchased luxury homes in Vegas so if I get lucky (I guess I am gambling) I may have a sweet house to hang out at instead of staying in a hotel room for this next event. I am there for a conference in December and one of the faxes I received was from Karl Parker seminars and it looks like there’s going to be and international chiropractic appreciation mega-event on January 10-13 of 2008. Not sure yet if I’ll be able to attend this one but it looks fairly fantastic. According to the fax, is the largest seminar program in the chiropractic profession featuring over 55 dynamic speakers, who will be presenting over 125 classroom hours of instruction.

The biggest news of the event is that it’s free. That’s right, this program is free of any registration fees and it’s in Las Vegas! I didn’t notice any information posted on the chiropractic conference page but I’m sure something will be there before the January event. I didn’t get any information about location but there was a photograph of the Riviera Hotel on the fax so I’m assuming that’s where the event is going to be taking place. I did make out a toll-free number at the bottom to be 888-437-5276. If anyone from the seminar program is reading this I’d recommend you put a phone number or web site at the top of the fax and maybe include some hotel information. I may know a few thousand chiropractors that would be interested in attending such an event. Nice to know where it’s going to be at and how we can get more information.

In case you’re wondering, it’s free to post chiropractic continuing education, seminars and events to the Planet Chiropractic events pages. Here is a link to the registration page.

One thought on “Body Systems and Professional Educational Events”

  1. Hi there. Last year was the first opportunity I had to attend a Karl Parker Seminar. My husband and I had been to other chiropractic seminars for many years and belonged to a chiropractic practice management group for 7+ years and attended those seminars as well. I was very impressed with Karl and his dedication, love and commitment to chiropractors and the profession in whole.

    There are so many speakers at the seminar it is hard to choose which classes to attend, so no matter what you will be happy to be there. The no cost to attend the seminar when you stay at the Riviera Hotel isn’t bad either when you think about how much seminars like this cost to put on.

    There is no glitz and glamour as some other seminars and practice management groups, but who wants to be dazzled by fast talking, slicked back oily haired, pompous men, strutting around stage in their expensive suits because they run a big management company or are president of a college they just kicked someone’s son out of!

    Frankly, I would rather spend my time attending a seminar where the person or company putting it on really and truly loves the profession and wants to see successful chiropractors becasue of his passion. Not because it will make him look great!

    But, it’s just my opinion!

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