Historical Conference Data For Researching Future Events

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I was noticing an increased number of 2008 chiropractic events are beginning to populate the seminars database and I was searching to see if there was any overlap on hotels being used to host conferences. I had forgotten there was an online archive for nearly every event posted since 2001, but when I came across it I was reminded of a few related topics.

Sometimes current events are not yet listed. For example, I did not find any continuing education information from the Florida Chiropractic Society for the 2008 season. Checking the archives I noticed a FCS Continuing Education Convention that was hosted December 7 through December 9, of 2001. The event was at the Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport (9300 Airport Blvd., Orlando FL 32827), and it was a 20 hour continuing education program for chiropractors in the state of Florida.

Most organizations and societies typically host their events the same times of year (often at the same hotel) and there was contact information available for the FCS. Reason I bring this up is that it’s likely the FCS will be hosting a similar event this December and if I’m a chiropractor practicing in that state, I at least have a lead to get more information.

Dorausch-Michelle-Ehrlich Slightly off topic for a moment but still related to events, I posted a batch of Anaheim photos from seminar there are a few weeks ago and I’ve been meaning to upload select photos from a number of past conferences as well. This one here of me, Candace Michelle, and her husband Ken Gee, was taken at a hotel in Southern California at that same conference. I’m overdue for uploading the video interview we shot that day. Candace (often referred to as the GoDaddy girl) is actually quite popular, when it comes to keyword search.

Back to conferences and archives I discovered there was event information for the New Jersey New Beginnings conference from as far back as October 2001. This four-day intensive chiropractic weekend, which is focused on fellowship, was being held at the Sheraton Eatontown Hotel near red Bank, New Jersey. My above-mentioned theory worked because when I searched the current database for conferences at the same hotel there was information for a New Beginnings conference in January 2008.

I had attended that 2001 event and it brought back some memories. I remember helping Dr. Jay Handt organize a Firewalk in the parking lot of the hotel, back in April 2001, and then again in April of 2003. Two days after that first firewalk I met Lou Ferrigno in Newark Airport, on our way back to Los Angeles. He was in town for a promotional of the King of Queens (and that became an entire story of its own that I may cover someday).

A number of chiropractic events are taking place in Las Vegas in 2008 (I will be stopping by the ICA Innate Summit in less than two weeks) and you can get an idea regarding previous hotels used by scanning through the archives (this can also be helpful for those planning events). For example, there was a 2001 SuperConference at the Luxor Las Vegas (3900 Las Vegas Boulevard South) but I don’t see any current events listed for that hotel. I did find one at the Hilton on February 7th.

One more comparison between the archives and current events, I noticed a 2001 Get the BIG IDEA Seminar with Dr. Robert Schiffman, which was held in Newark. Dr. Schiffman’s seminars for 2008 are titled Get The Big Idea (GTBI) Principled Revolution Seminar and it appears that they’re all being held at the Cobb Galleria Centre (Two Galleria Parkway) in Atlanta, GA. Great attendance opportunity for chiropractors practicing in that state, as well as students attending Life (in Marietta).

If you can’t locate seminar information you were searching for, leave a note, and I’ll have someone check it out.