By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

The mail never stops. There will likely be a large pile of it in the office on Monday. Received one of those really big boarding pass looking postcards from Southwest Airlines, you probably received one as well. I guess flying Southwest nearly every month for the past six years isn’t worth a whole lot since they’ve recently changed the way they do things. I wasn’t too thrilled. This was a good reminder as to why it’s not a good idea to make abrupt changes in the office. Honestly, I’m a bit confused by the postcard. If I fly from LAX to Phoenix and back eight times is that 16 round trips or only 8? Math was not my strongest subject.

I’ve been getting a truck load of mail from medical doctors in my local area trying to convince me to refer them patients for medical marijuana prescriptions. Yesterday I received a whole stack of big glossy cards from a Dr.420 and I am adding that to the pile so I can do a detailed post on all the marijuana related information I’ve been getting from medical doctors during the past few weeks. Noticed there was only a single Ganja related article on Planet Chiropractic. It’s time to take a closer look and get more news on this topic.

More postcards received regarding decompression system training seminars, this one is in Baltimore, Maryland. Will these things ever stop? I just checked the classifieds and there are used decompression tables and Pro Adjuster systems for sale.

Yet another postcard from a company called the Prescott Group along with six bullet points with what I think are names of chiropractors, but the postcard is pretty difficult to understand. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m not sure what 10,000 leads is supposed to mean to a chiropractor. Chiropractic conference information can be found here.

This last piece of mail has potential to be real scary, especially if you’re the person that I received information about (including your Social Security number). A major insurance company in Florida (I won’t mention who) mailed several forms to my ADIO office with requests for disclosure of medical information. Problem is I’d never heard of the person they sent requests for, nor did my staff, nor was there any information on file. After calling to figure out the cause for the error it was discovered our office was sent this mail because our name and address appeared at the top of a search engine result for the name of the office the claims adjuster had on file.

Keep a close watch on your healthcare records folks, and try to use whatever information you can besides your Social Security number, whenever possible.