Medical Marijuana Ganja Guru Faces New Pot Charges

By Michael Dorausch, D.C. staff writer

In today’s news, a federal grand jury has again indicted the self-proclaimed “Guru of Ganja” on charges that he grew hundreds of marijuana plants for a medical marijuana program.

Back in 2003, Ed Rosenthal was convicted for cultivating marijuana plants for an Oakland, California medical marijuana program. Back in April of this year, an appeals court overturned the conviction, citing jury misconduct, but the court upheld the federal government’s powers to charge marijuana growers in the state of California.

Besides being charged for growing marijuana, Rosenthal faces charges for money laundering and filing false tax returns related to the marijuana operations.

Marijuana Buds - KushUse of marijuana in the state of California is legal when recommended by a medical doctor. In California, its use is referred to as “medical marijuana.” Californians agreed to legalize the use of marijuana in the state in 1996 with proposition 215. Under federal law, the controlled substances act of 1970, marijuana use for any purpose is illegal.

Proposition 215 was proposed so that seriously ill Californians could use marijuana after a medical doctor’s recommendation. Most people may think that conditions such as terminal cancer or glaucoma are the more common reasons state residents would be seeking legally prescribed marijuana. Here in Los Angeles, advertisements in the newspaper and local magazines for medical cannabis and medical services are common. According to the ads some of the conditions that people can get medical prescriptions from a California doctor include: anxiety, arthritis, anorexia, insomnia, migraines, sports injuries, and auto accidents.

In California, growing and selling marijuana is a budding business for medical doctors and entrepreneurs. There is even an American Medical Marijuana Association, the AMMA. That may be the group to watch out for when local chiropractors someday launch an American Chiropractic Marijuana Association and begin supplying non-medical marijuana as an herbal alternative to medically prescribed California Kush. @ 5:00 pm | Article ID: 1160967680