Obamania in Obamerica and throughout ObamaWorld

By Michael Dorausch, DC

Millions celebrated the election of Barack Hussein Obama this past week, as the 44th president of the United States. While there are always those that cheered for another side, there’s no denying an excitement has been in the air since Tuesday’s historic presidential election. The news has continued its frenzy of reporting since that day, with coverage of Obama’s press conference, and discussion of a potential White House dog. From Obamanomics to Super Obama World, new presidentially related search engine terms have been popping up all over, and there is no sign that this trend will be slowing.

Yes We Did - Obama Stickers MoveOn.org has been showing stats of nearly 3 million Yes We Did Obama stickers being ordered since the site began offering them only days ago. For those interested, you can order your free Obama sticker here. It’s not the only site that has Obama related memorabilia and merchandise available, do some searching online and you’re bound to find many items available for the most diehard of Obamaniacs.

As I reported about on November 1st, Obama and McCain related key phrases were showing a growing trend, leading up to the election. With Barack Obama having won the presidency, key phrases and search terms related to his name will undoubtedly increase during the next four years. We got our first glimpse of that in September of 07 when an article was posted related to presidential campaign website success secrets. It has been well established now, that the Internet played a vital role in Obama campaign success.

I’ve been thinking that pretty much every term is going to get the prefix Obama put in front of it at some point in time. There’s Obamerica, Obamania, Obamanomics, Obamamas, and many many more. A Mario Brothers type game, titled Super Obama World, has already appeared online, and there’s likely an untold number of new Obama related websites that have either already gone live, or are in the process of doing so.

When we looked at key phrases for planetchiropractic.com during the month of October, Obama related terms were a plenty. Phrases ranged across the board to include terms such as: obama chiropractic, obama and chiropractic, obama on chiropractic, chiropractic obama, and chiropractors for obama. With all the craziness going on, it shouldn’t be long before we begin seeing newly created terms such as Obamapractic and Obamapractor (we just did).

I suspect the world will continue searching for Obama jokes, Obama dog names, Obamanomics, and everything else Obama, for many months to come. Looks like we’ve been Obamasized.

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