Mailing Round Up November

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I like getting these postcard and mailing related posts added to the site. It is actually helping people to find resources they may be interested in, and it gives me a chance to vent. My last mailbox post was on October 27, inbox recycling. I’ve got a pretty hefty stack to go through today.

(photo: I took a picture of these bananas when at a chiropractor’s office in Lancaster, California. What happens when you straighten a banana?)

okay, stuff received in the mail. No one has sent me a digital x-ray unit get, just lots of postcards and brochures. First piece of mail is for chiropractic software solutions. I don’t know how many times I’ve talked about this, but I have yet to find chiropractic software I like. I think it’s because I’m too picky and tech minded. A number of my friends have been going with ChiroTouch, but I haven’t used it, so no review as of yet.

The mailer is for a practice management software from a company called Eon systems, Inc. Visit their website if you want more information.

Second piece of mail comes from Maine and it’s a letter addressed to Fellow Chiropractors. At a glance I keep seeing the word MAXEGEN listed in their letter. Sounds like an anabolic steroid. I believe it’s some kind of pharmaceutical grade nutritional product. I am seeing a boatload of marketing for products like these coming to my office. Doesn’t look exciting. Haha, after doing a Google search, turns out it’s an MLM product. I’ll be staying for away from it. MLM is teh SUCK.

What are the odds the next piece of mail I open is for another multi-level marketing product? Probably about 100%, since I get way too much stuff in this crap on my desk. OK, this piece of mail is for a product called Monavie. Is a wild and organic juice that looks like it’s in a wine bottle. I tasted this stuff in a chiropractic conference and I thought it was pretty gross, better than the desiccated liver shakes a drink as a teenager, but still pretty gross by today’s standards. I think I’ll do a detailed post on this product. Lots of bullet points about inflammation, arthritis, antioxidants, phytonutrients, and oxygen radical absorption capacity, in the letter. Looks like a disease mongering, fear based piece.

Next postcard, another nutritional product. Chiropractors get marketing by nutrition vendors more than anything else. This one is for NanOmega3, which is a Golden Fla, Vegan DHA & Synergistic Vitamin mix. Looks like it is being marketed as a superfood dietary supplement. There was a link for getting free samples so check it out. They will try and subscribe you to a newsletter, so watch the boxes if you don’t want to be on a list. I know I come across negative about most of these products (because many of them suck) but I really liked the NanoGreens I got from this company in the past.

Postcard, taking chiropractic to a new level, with John Donofrio and David Lee. This was for a 12 hour relicensing event in Los Angeles at the Sheraton Gateway LAX hotel. Not my style but looks like a good program. Probably doing these seminars every month in some US city. $295 seminar includes 4 hours of technique. To register you can call 612-921-2030 (Pennsylvania)

Another postcard, Million Dollar Nutritional Cash Practice, going in the recycle bin. Apparently, chiropractor Lori Puskar, has built a booming cash nutritional practice since she is on the front of the card.

Tong & Associates postcard for 2008 DC License Renewal Seminars. Dr. Tong was my x-ray instructor at CCCLA and I’d say anything he puts on is worth attending. Good guy with a great interest in what he does. Event co-sponsored by Cleveland Chiropractic College KC/LA. Too many seminars to list and I’m sure there will be a 2009 schedule. Call 626 913-3013 for seminar information.

Not done yet, a better life chiropractic t-shirts postcard. These look pretty awful so I won’t be promoting them. Show me a cool chiropractic t-shirt and I’ll put the word out. DCS (Dead Chiropractic Society) makes the best shirts I’ve currently seen. They get people’s attention.

Yikes, another postcard from John Donofrio and this one has info about Cold Laser Technology. OK, maybe not the kind of event I thought it was. Personally, unless you are getting paid to do so, I think going to “seminars” where you get pitched products to use in practice is a great waste of time. Save your money and go to events that teach hands on (or even instrument based) adjustive techniques and work on improving your skills. Crutches suck balls and all gizmos become a crutch eventually.

Huge brochure, self-pay seminars, too big to read. Some guy on front that looks like he has a brain aneurysm or massive headache. We do people use these photos? Concept looks good though and there is a toll free number to call for more info. 888-482-5208 for details on Self-Pay Seminars.

Last card, postcard for nutritional seminars (yes another one). This one by Ulan, think I have covered that before. Same info as before, nutritional systems program for adding that kind of thing to practice.

Desk clear, enjoy, peace out.

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