Herbal Supplements & Controlled Substances

Recently, a dietary supplement that was promoted to treat a wide range of conditions was recalled in the U.S. as a result of an investigation that found the supplement contained a prescription medication.

The supplement in question is known as Anso Comfort Capsules and according to reports, they were found to contain chlordiazepoxide, a prescription anxiety drug.

You may not recognize the name “chlordiazepoxide”, it is better known by its brand name Librium. Librium is a sedative classified by the DEA as a controlled substance and according to reports may be habit forming. The presence of Librium was not mentioned on the labeling of the product and consumers were urged to stop using the product.

The company that manufactures the supplement is reportedly conducting a voluntary recall under FDA monitoring. According to the article, the company that manufactures the supplement has also violated government regulations by promoting its product as a treatment for various illnesses.

While proper nutrition is vital to good health, will simply taking a pill, whether it is a “nutritional” supplement, over the counter medication, or prescription pharmaceutical help to correct the cause of the problem?

Are supplements primarily taken for “treating conditions” really that much different in approach from pharmaceuticals? Do we want to correct the cause or do we simply want to mask symptoms when they arise? Is there a better way to express our health?

Allowing our body a chance to express itself in ones various environments without suppressing or distorting every interaction is an important part of our process in reaching ones own potential.

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