2006 DRX9000 Decompression Table Must Go!

By Daria Belov

A storm has been brewing in the nonsurgical spinal decompression market. The planetchiropractic.com e-mail inbox has been receiving both targeted marketing from companies and individuals seeking to unload computerized spinal decompression units, and e-mails from chiropractors nationwide seeking out the best possible deals on used spinal decompression products like the DRX9000. It’s the perfect storm for those in the market for these types of lumbar disc decompression and cervical decompression products, since prices are expected to be below $30,000 by the first of January, 2009.

2006 DRX9000 spinal decompressionNot all chiropractors utilize spinal decompression in their offices, and even less use the massive computerized equipment that’s increasingly appearing on auction websites and in chiropracticclassifieds posts.

It sparked my attention when I noticed an e-mail from a chiropractor seeking to purchase a used spinal decompression table for under $30,000. I was about to e-mail a reply when a marketing e-mail appeared that read as follows…

2006 DRX9000 Decompression Table Must Go!
This Table Must Go!!!
2006 DRX9000 for Only $35,000

2006 DRX9000 with harnesses and manuals. Excellent Condition. The same table is listed on ebay for $49,000 from other vendors. New Price is over $80,000

  • Touch Screen Computer
  • Lumbar Level Indicator
  • Patient Monitoring System
  • Advanced Detection System
  • Shipping, training, and installation Available on all tables!
    Don’t forget to ask about how you can add on the industry leading Double Your Decompression
    Marketing and Consulting TurnKey System.

    We will beat any price on a comparable used spinal decompression table. Find the lowest price from any other Doctor or Clinic and we will beat it!!!!
    Call Dr. Brian Self at 480-338-3478

    I’m leaving the seller’s phone number since he probably wasn’t expecting his unsolicited e-mail to appear in a news article. May as well drive him some sales inquiries.

    We’ve seen e-mails and articles on this subject before, with a bank repo spinal decompression article appearing about this time in October, 2008. We’re also seeing a lot of sleazy and slimy spam going on related to the spinal decompression industry. It’s still our opinion that spinal decompression spam is bad for chiropractors and it will be nice to see less of it.

    Don’t expect that to happen anytime soon, since there was a massive marketing effort from companies that manufacture spinal decompression tables back in 2005, 2006, and even 2007. We even had spam e-mail from some schmo trying to sell these tables at full $80,000 plus rates (with the promise of chiropractoid coaching).

    Will vendors take $30,000 or less for these tables? Maybe they won’t today, but wait until the Christmas holidays pass, and I suspect they’ll be available in the $28,000 range or even less. Listen, banks are continuing to repossess equipment and the last thing they want is a piece of aging computerized technology sitting in some warehouse. They want to move this stuff and they’re willing to move it fast. I’d recommend any chiropractor hold out for the best possible deal they can get.

    $60,000 (what we were seeing in the past) for these computerized traction and decompression units is insanity in today’s market. Chiropractors that have the cash, or can make the purchase on their credit cards, are in a strong position to negotiate some spectacular deals on these products. I spoke with Dr. Michael Dorausch (founder of planetchiropractic.com) about anyone he’s dealt with as a vendor, and he suggested chiropractors also call Jay Deerman in Sylacauga, Alabama. His company’s toll-free number is 888-463-1381. While Dr. Dorausch mentioned he’s never used decompression therapy in his practice, he has reported nothing but good things when ordering from Access Equipment Corp. (Jays company).

    So do your homework chiropractors and call fellow practitioners, equipment manufacturers, and various vendors of used chiropractic equipment, before shelling out too much cash for these computerized decompression tables. Looking for a chiropractor in your area? Browse your state for local chiropractor listings and find some of the top practitioners in the US.

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