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101 Words That Feel Good

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Sticks and stones may break your bones but words can help you to feel good about yourself and those you share them with.

Imagine yourself in a situation where you wanted to say something nice about someone. It could be a person right in front of you, it could be somebody you’re introducing to another, it could be a comment you’re wanting to leave on someone’s blog, it could be someone you’re wanting to write a thank you card for, it could be text to be included in an e-mail, it could even be a note to yourself. The possibilities are unlimited.

think about bring aboutIt’s long been part of my philosophy that one is far better off being positive than they are in being negative. That applies to words you say to yourself as well as words you use when speaking to others. I like to start each day with a personal affirmation and I’ve discovered a number of words that help me to feel good about myself. Throughout the day I make a conscious effort to utilize these feel-good words when having conversations with others, as they appear to have the same effects on others as they do on me.

I compiled this handy list of 101 feel-good words (complete list is below) that can be used in a number of different situations. Not every word is suitable in every situation, but with practice, you can combine many of them into feel-good statements and affirmations.

Speaking good about yourself is important, even if you’re the only one listening. Start your day with the statement I am and follow it up with words that feel good to you.

Some examples…

I am imaginative, talented, and disciplined.
I am considerate, deserving, encouraging, and compassionate.
I am intelligent, optimistic, energetic, and persistent.
I am attentive, articulate, open-minded, and trustful.

I am imaginative talented and disciplined

Scoring Points
This list can be a great resource when thinking of ways to say thank you. Imagine, your spouse or significant other has just purchased you an 8Gb iPod Touch as a gift and you respond by saying… “It’s nice but did you know there was a 16 gig model?” That’s probably not the best way to go about saying thank you. Never fear, access this handy word list and put together a feel-good thank you. “You are so thoughtful. I’m so jazzed, this is perfect.”

Suppose your friend or colleague is wearing a new outfit, you can use a combination of feel-good words on this list, and help them to feel like a celebrity.

Some examples…

You look marvelous.
That top looks fabulous on you.
Your new shoes are divine.
That new suit is impeccable, it gives you a confident and powerful look.

Positivity Rules
It’s my opinion that you can’t go wrong when using feel-good words to describe others, and it’s so easy to do. Select some of your favorite words from the list and use them when introducing your friends to others.

Some examples…

He’s the most considerate, passionate, encouraging and selfless guy you’ll ever meet.

Not only is she intelligent and resourceful, she’s incredibly kindhearted and helpful.

He’s the perfect leader. While having a powerful and confident nature, he’s empathetic and open-minded as well.

Charming would be one way to describe her. She is a delightful and motivating person to be around.

Words That Feel Good
Here’s the list of 101 words that feel good, put them into action and let me know what you think.

  1. accomplished
  2. admirable
  3. amazing
  4. amusing
  5. approachable
  6. articulate
  7. attentive
  8. benevolent
  9. blessed
  10. bold
  11. bountiful
  12. bright
  13. brilliant
  14. captivating
  15. caring
  16. charismatic
  17. charming
  18. cheerful
  19. comfortable
  20. compassionate
  21. congenial
  22. conscious
  23. constant
  24. courageous
  25. courteous
  26. dedicated
  27. delightful
  28. deserving
  29. determined
  30. disciplined
  31. earnest
  32. ecstatic
  33. effective
  34. eloquent
  35. empathetic
  36. energetic
  37. engaging
  38. entertaining
  39. enthusiastic
  40. equitable
  41. expressive
  42. exquisite
  43. extraordinary
  44. fascinating
  45. fearless
  46. flexible
  47. fortunate
  48. friendly
  49. generous
  50. genuine
  51. gifted
  52. glorious
  53. gracious
  54. gregarious
  55. gutsy
  56. helpful
  57. honorable
  58. immaculate
  59. immense
  60. impeccable
  61. incomparable
  62. incredible
  63. ingenious
  64. inspiring
  65. intelligent
  66. intuitive
  67. inventive
  68. jazzed
  69. kindhearted
  70. loyal
  71. magnanimous
  72. majestic
  73. marvelous
  74. motivating
  75. optimistic
  76. original
  77. passionate
  78. peaceful
  79. perceptive
  80. persistent
  81. pleasing
  82. poetic
  83. powerful
  84. quick-minded
  85. remarkable
  86. resourceful
  87. respectful
  88. rousing
  89. selfless
  90. sensational
  91. sincere
  92. spirited
  93. stable
  94. steadfast
  95. steady
  96. stunning
  97. stupendous
  98. trustful
  99. understanding
  100. unique
  101. venturous

Know any feel-good words that I may have missed?

UPDATE: This post has been one of the most visited on this blog. That is stupendous!



  1. Great list, Michael. Well, since my Blog is named Social Desire… I think I would like to add Desirable to your list of words. ๐Ÿ™‚

    So many times I see such negative words thrown around in comments and it is so wonderful reading your list of spectacular (there’s another) words that should be used more often. Thank you, Michael for reminding us of the words that are sometimes forgotten from people’s vocabulary.

  2. Great list. I have start to use more words that feels good ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. i think this is a wonderful list to say to a girl if you ever go out with one. This would make her feel so good about herself and she would never forget the words she said to her that very special night. Good job on the list.

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