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WordPress Blogging Labrador

by Michael Dorausch (and Zoey Daisy Love)

I HAD to change the name of this post from Thoughts after Thanksgiving to WordPress Blogging Labrador after what I caught my dog Zoey doing earlier. I had just finished eating a leftover turkey leg and was getting ready to do a blog post (about leftovers) but I had to get up because my dog (who thinks she rules the earth) was barking at the plate on my desk.

I got up to take the plate to the kitchen and returned to discover my Labrador was blogging on my saved post! It’s pretty obvious now that I’m a slob that eats and types at his computer (don’t tell me you’ve never done that) but I don’t care because my dog can blog!

You may be wondering why I didn’t just yell at Zoey or push her aside (spare me the dog training lectures). She’s getting older and lately she’s gotten real confident, helping herself to scraps in my George Foreman grill tray (I’ve had to move it), licking plates on the kitchen countertop, and even grabbing a chunk of butter off the counter on Thanksgiving day.

So when I came back in the room I was thinking “holy shit” and I went to go grab my video camera. She stopped when she noticed I was in the room and I thought I had missed the opportunity, but then right in front of me she jumps up and starts licking away at the keyboard like she did not care if she got in trouble.

The video is choppy because I was trying to capture the text as it was appearing on the screen. If you turn your speakers up you can hear her hitting the keyboard with her tongue. I’ve heard of user generated content before but never labrador generated content (LGC). Here is the video, which I posted to YouTube…


———- this is the text posted by my dog (minus the It’s and Saturday and I’m still eating Turkey.) ———-


|b vv bc v cvxcxcddcv vbc vbvbvbbgbhgbhgbhj bn bnm ,, ,mk,jmnjnb nvbbvggvhfbhfg bnv nm , mm j bnmnh knhhjnm nmbn bmmf
” Saturday and I’m still eating Turkey. jkcccccv jj azxcfgcv bn


———- end dog blogging message ———-

Now I don’t know of any words like bnmnh or nvbbvggvhfbhfg, but who’s to say it’s not some kind of communication language used among dogs? Maybe you should have your dog watch the video and see how they respond. It’s impressive that she got some spaces, commas, and carriage returns into her post. If I could only figure a way to get her to blog regularly we may be onto something. Time to modify the dog dish!



  1. OMG, that is so funny! I’ve caught my labs on the kitchen counter a thousand times but have never seen one go at a keyboard like that. Hope it still works.

  2. Can she come clean my keyboard? Man she was going to town.

  3. this has me giggling!!!

  4. Hi Michael and ZOEY ! ๐Ÿ™‚

    She’s blogging in dog language…. woof woof. Joke! Well, thank you for posting that funny and witty video post. Should be submitted to one of those Americas Funniest Videos!

    Keep blogging ZOEY!


  5. great video, especially for all of us dog lovers!

  6. I knew labs were smart but I didn’t know they were that smart. Blogging today, podcasting tomorrow. ๐Ÿ™‚ Great video

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