Got Nutz?

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

The post cards are stacked high on my desk. I’ve been out of town the past week and lots of seminar and marketing information from chiropractors were on my desk when I returned. I had to postcards from those crazy chiropractors in Orange County, Dr. Bill DeMoss and Dr. Brad Glowaki. They have a two-day seminar taking place on January 24 and January 25 in Huntington Beach.


Above is a screenshot from a scan of the postcard. The program is called Nutz & Boltz and it’s designed to help chiropractors grow their practices more efficiently and effectively.

The info reads:  Got Nutz? with philosophy, marketing and CA breakouts, this seminar packs it all in! Your chiropractic faculty for the weekend consists of Dr. Bill Demoss “the godfather of West Coast philosophy”, and Dr. Brad Glowaki “the new patient mavan”. The CA break out and patient relations instructor for staff will be Gina Rose Kimball, who has been a chiropractic office manager for 10 years and has more recently run the marketing for Mark Victor Hansen. Come see what has been working and step into the big leagues in 09! Seminar starts 9 a.m. Saturday and concludes at 1 p.m. Sunday. All rooms ocean view and reduced room rates available.

These are the same two guys putting on the 2009 DCS California Jam event at the Performing Arts Center in Newport Beach California. Nutz n Boltz is a two-day seminar whereas the Jam is on a single day Saturday.

Some more information on this two-day intensive… This power packed weekend will show you how to fill your office with new patients, enhance your exam to build value and detail the most effective report of findings. During this seminar we will share all of our secrets from the wildly popular “new patient bonanza” event, as well as the true art of the day one examination.

So this event is January 24 and January 25 (registration and website details) and these guys really know their stuff, I’d recommend their events to anyone. Don’t miss out on the 2009 California Jam which is taking place on March 7 in Costa Mesa.

Hope to see you there!