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My Chiropractic Mentors Spoke Truth

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

If you want to be successful in chiropractic practice don’t forget to unlock the door.  Those words were spoken by one of my many mentors very early in my days as a chiropractic student. Seemingly ordinary, patients will have a difficult time getting in for adjustments if the doors are locked. Ultimately extraordinary, being open to the adventure that this life will bring you, an infinity of possibilities limited only by the locks I alone create.

Somehow I got it right. Despite everything my smaller self may have done along the way to block, lock, and keep doors closed, the vibrations of my mentors continued to resonate, guiding me on a path that today I can say has been truly magnificent.

That’s my morning view in the photo above. Miles of rolling hills and a near six kilometer drive (one way) just to get my mail. This is one of my many “there’s no way possible this could remotely be true” encounters that being unlocked has led me to. Not a lot of patients here, but then we do more than just serve patients, we are servants to all of creation.

That brings me to the words of another mentor spoken to me decades ago. If you ever chose to be master, you must be servant to all. I first heard those words in 1997, and only this week I had the realization that was 25 years ago. Perhaps meaningless to you, but to me, I’m now on the other side of 25 years in practice. Words once spoken are known. They are my being, they represent who and what I am.

I’m not done serving, far from it. As Planet Chiropractic is on her verge of also turning twenty five, previously assumed locked doors have been found open, and I’m stepping through. I do hope you’ll join me.


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