Tuesday Has Not Gone Away

Michael Dorausch By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I’ve got a pile of papers and notes on my desk for things to get done this morning. Thought I’d create a compilation post and cover a number of topics.

Local Search
Cudahy, California: I recently had someone visit my ADIO chiropractic office that was from this city. Even though it’s not far from me, I had never heard of it. Cudahy is one of the smallest cities in Los Angeles County. The city is East of South Gate, West of Downey, North of Lynnwood, and South of Maywood. The 710 freeway passes just by its eastern border. Amazing how many cities there actually are in LA County.

What People Say
Earlier last week I had an Asian woman shout “Chuck Norris Texas Ranger” when I adjusted her neck. We both started laughing because it was so spontaneous. People sometimes say the funniest things when receiving chiropractic care, I’ve got to start taking notes.

Thoughts on Massage
I get questions about massage about 20 times a day. Here are some quick thoughts… massage is no substitute for chiropractic care, massage is not a form of chiropractic, massage is not something you get during an adjustment, and vice versa. If you’re seeking therapeutic massage, seek out a professional that utilizes a technique that works for you. Sometimes you won’t know until you try it and I know that’s why so many ask my advice. One thing I learned, if you’re searching online for massage services, you’re better off looking for a spa or you may end up with a number of adult related results.

October Events
I won’t be in New York next week to hang out with my social media friends, since I’ll be in Tempe Arizona this weekend interviewing a number of successful chiropractors, and I don’t want to spend that much time outside of the office. Monday night, the Internet Marketers of New York (IMNY) are hosting a charity party sponsored by Best of the Web. A $40 Donation to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society gets you open bar and a chance to hang out with some very cool Internet SEO and SEM people, such as Marty Weintraub, who has a birthday this month. Happy birthday Marty!

Extremity Adjusting
I attended a CCCLA continuing education program this past Saturday (see my secret marketing tip) and I forgot to mention that the extremity adjusting sessions were spectacular. They were presented by Dr. Mark Charrette and I thought the guy was really on top of his game, especially since he lectured for hours to a group of 130 chiropractors. The x-ray review series was great as a refresher and it was covered by Dr. David Gendreau, who was one of my instructors when I attended school there.

The CCCLA Alumni Association did a great job putting on this event. The outdoor lunch with tacos, enchiladas, and other Mexican fixings, may have made us a bit sleepy in the afternoon, but the food was great.

That’s my Tuesday morning wrap up, have a spectacular and healthy day!