It's a Great Day at America's Chiropractic Center

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

How one answers the phone is incredibly important to the success of any small business. In the world of chiropractic, it’s amazing to me how many offices continue to use an unenthusiastic approach when it comes to picking up the telephone.

Other offices are a delight to call. I hear receptionists saying things such as “it’s a great day at America’s Chiropractic Center” or “it’s a fabulous Friday for a chiropractic adjustment” and stuff like that.

In my LA chiropractic office the staff always comes off as delighted to hear from callers. I may think it was corny, if it was fake, but they’re always like that.

Doesn’t seem to matter whether someone’s calling before office hours, phoning in during lunch, or dialing in the middle of a busy part of the day, they get an exciting happy to hear from you voice on the other line.

I can’t say that I do that every time that I answer the phone but I’m working on it. While I don’t like hearing from marketers (unless they’re friends of mine) I still do my best to stay positive on the phone and wish them a great day before hanging up. I don’t know if it makes any difference for them, but it does for me.

Smile when you answer the phone, and seek out a way to say something positive to the person on the other end, even if it is an unsolicited call. Can’t seem to hurt.

Someone who is a master at telephone skills is Harry Engel and the staff at Dr. Suzanne Frye’s Lancaster chiropractic office. I mentioned Harry briefly in a post about places to put your advertising dollar and I’ve been meaning to get some of his phone tips posted to the site. He also has some awesome radio spots focused on chiropractic, that we will hopefully be sharing here soon.

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