By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I received another fax today from Karl Parker Seminars regarding a chiropractic event in Las Vegas on January 10-13, 2008. I checked the events pages and didn’t notice any information added by the folks putting on this event. Would be a great idea to they got their information listed. I believe I covered the details of the event in a previous post but in summary there will be 12 hours of chiropractic technique and five hours of clinical x-ray. This should satisfy continuing education requirements for active doctors of chiropractic in the state of California. Event is taking place at the Riviera Hotel.

There was news today on Planet Chiropractic regarding conferences coming up in the 2008 season that are family-friendly. The article was titled seminars not just for chiropractors. There are a number of chiropractic events that offer value to other health-care professionals and have pricing structures for staff, family, and friends.

Going through today’s mail I received a special by invitation only letter from the Foundation for Wellness Professionals (located Clearwater Florida, 33 755) with an opportunity to double my new patients and income by easily and inexpensively creating a wellness clinic. I receive letters like this fairly regularly, and they are rather disappointing. They are full of fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) and I believe they’re geared towards suckering chiropractors into various marketing programs. This one may be totally innocent (or only two thirds guilty), but when you get mail like this every day it all begins to look the same.

Received two more postcards today from the National Association of Certified Health Care Professionals regarding two different events being held in January at the LAX Radisson Hotel. One was for a certification seminar regarding the study of Iridolgy and the other was related to Bach Flower Remedies. I’m slightly familiar with the first, but I’ve never heard of the second. Either way, I’m an unlikely candidate for attendance as I’m more likely to show up at a BarCamp event or WordCamp weekend.

I also received a piece of mail from a coaching group in Tustin, California. I wasn’t going to bring this up but I had a number of chiropractors mention that there may be one or more Scientology based groups putting on office management events. In all the years I’ve been involved in chiropractic I can’t recall ever being approached by a Scientologist based marketing group, but I continue to hear the rumors. If anyone has any verifiable information I’d appreciate hearing about it.