Top 10 Search Keyphrases and Website Success

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

What do Candace Michelle, Beyoncé, the X Games, and Van Halen have in common? Two are related to music, two are related to sports (if you consider WWE wrestling a sport), two are female, all are somewhat entertaining, and all have appeared recently in the news.

For this Sunday edition of Planet Chiropractic news I thought I’d take a few minutes to share the concept of popular search key phrases and how they can come together to create loads of traffic for your website. This is a great topic for those that are non-chiropractors as I am openly sharing some methods you can use on your blog or website. Remove “chiropractic” from the content here and you’ll develop a better understanding of how this may work for you.

What we will do is look at something called “search logs” to view some of the most popular topics searched on the Planet Chiropractic web site during the past seven days. A word of caution, it’s not recommended that you share the keyword search phrases that drive the most traffic to your website, unless of course you want your competition to begin using them. I’m sharing these terms because thanks to you and others we get loads of traffic. I’m confident that will continue and I think Sunday is a great day to give something back.

Candace Michelle GoDaddy Girl In no particular order here are the 10 most popular words or phrases for the past seven days. The terms Candace Michelle and Candace Michelle Playboy have both been popular drivers of website traffic. You may think neither of those have anything to do with chiropractic but they are related simply because Candace is married to West Los Angeles practicing chiropractor, Dr. Ken Gee Ehrlich. Candace first became popular with her commercial appearances as the GoDaddy Girl in the past three NFL Super Bowls. She’s been gaining popularity in the wrestling world, and she’s currently the reigning WWE Women’s Champion. She gets lots of chiropractic care.

Another female entertainer that has been popular on the website these past seven days is Beyoncé. That came as a result of a chiropractic related article published by us and which appeared in the news from July 26th through most of last week. The content was more about the importance of seeing a chiropractor after taking a fall than it was specifically about Beyoncé, even though that was the single most important term driving visitors to the website. Beyoncé had taken a fall at concert in Orlando, Florida and there was lots of related news coverage, mostly around videos that were appearing online. The more specific terms that resulted in increased web site visitors were “beyonce falls at concert” and “beyonce concert fall.”

The next three terms are related specifically to the industry of chiropractic so they may appear to be of no importance to those in other industries. If you seek to understand the principles I’m talking about you’ll be able to duplicate the results in your market. Among the most popular terms was the keyword “planet chiropractic” which is the name of this online destination. The root URL for the same phrase also redirects to our homepage. We started using the shortened version “planetc1” several years ago because it was faster to type out. In retrospect, I don’t recommend anyone making such changes to their web site URL.

The term chiropractic jobs was very popular this last week and that is likely because there are nearly 220 current classified ad listings for chiropractors and recent student graduates seeking employment. Do you see how this all begins to come together? Another popular term that falls into the same category is the phrase chiropractic salary which is a result of a number of topics being addressed on this website related to the income of chiropractors. We cover topics such as jobs and salaries in our classifieds, in featured articles, and in our salary blogs. In my case I’m a working chiropractor and I communicate with others in my field daily. As a result I have up-to-date specific and expert knowledge which becomes easy to talk about. It’s also valuable and helpful to others. If you’re in business I’d bet you could duplicate what we are doing here by just talking about the things you know best. You’d be helping others and you’ll increase traffic to your website.

Terms like X Games have been popular in the month of August over the past six or seven years. Planet Chiropractic had news coverage related to X-Games 13, which was timely and informational. Even though we directed the majority of traffic to the ESPN homepage for specific event coverage, there was a significant increase in the number of visitors as a result of a handful of articles and blog posts that were made. Below is a screenshot (taken on August 2nd) from a Google News page showing placement of our news related to the events.

X games news coverage
If you’re still reading this here’s one that really gets out there. Searches for Van Halen 2007 Tour News resulted in a surge of traffic all of last week, and there was a number of increased visits for similar terms in the month of July. All of this new activity resulted from a single article that appeared in the news in February of this year. The article was related to rumors that Van Halen would be on tour in 2007 with David Lee Roth. I’m a huge Van Halen fan and as a result began an effort to organize groups of chiropractors throughout the United States to volunteer chiropractic care at concert tour venues. In our spirit of giving, we received.

The last phrase or keyword is fairly obvious and it doesn’t fit well in this article since its specific to the category this site is often put into. The term is chiropractic and the only thing I can say is that if you liked this article, and it’s provided you with some value, you consider giving us a chiropractic link.

That’s it for the Sunday news, hope you learned something today about keywords, search traffic, and how apparently unrelated phrases and terms can relate in a big way towards attracting new visitors to your blog or website. @ 1:25 pm | Article ID: 1186950365