Beyonce falls at Orlando Concert

by Daria Belov

It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Superstar singer Beyonce took a fall down a flight of stairs Tuesday at a concert in Orlando, Florida. Videos have been appearing all over the Web from concert attendees that captured the fall on their handheld recording devices. According to a least one report, Beyonce asked fans not to post videos of the fall to YouTube, Google’s popular video web site (many have since been removed).

Seems like some people just have too much time on their hands. I noticed the first story on a newswire early yesterday morning and didn’t think much of it, other than hoping she was okay. Throughout the day news of the fall grew as if it was a major event (more important than news about oscar the cat). Finally today, I watched one of the videos which showed Beyonce falling face first down a flight of stairs, and it didn’t look like fun. From what I saw it appeared like she continued to go on with the performance.

People are falling down all the time. There is probably not a chiropractor in America that doesn’t have somebody coming to their office, on at least a weekly basis, that has not recently had a fall. Hopefully it’s not the same person continuously falling over and over again.

Falling is more common than people may think. There’s kids falling off of chairs and bicycles, people falling while roller blading and landing on their coccyx bone (butt), and senior citizens falling on fusilli Jerry (one and a million chance of that happening). The point is people do fall and most of the time they get up without too great an injury.

It’s what happens after those falls that we should be paying closer attention to. You may have seen your chiropractor as a result of a fall you had recently. (No news yet who the chiropractor was in Orlando that saw Beyonce.) Visiting a chiropractor so soon after a fall like that is typically going to be a symptom baseed visit (but not always). In the typical visit the person taking the spill may have landed on their buttocks and now wants to get their pelvis, hips and maybe low back checked out by their chiropractor.

A good chiropractor will also check that person for spinal nerve stress, especially in the upper cervical spine, which is more commonly known as the top of the neck area, just under your skull. Why check the vertebral column for spinal stress? Ask anyone that has had a significant fall who did not receive a thorough spinal checkup and you’ll likely hear stories of a range of symptoms that developed months to years after the fall took place.

It’s been said that it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt, and then it’s hysterical. There’s nothing funny about having symptoms and conditions that could have possibly been avoided with a thorough chiropractic checkup and a follow-up with the appropriate chiropractic care.

If you plan on doing your own stunts make sure your chiropractor has got your back. Get checked for subluxation and spinal nerve stress. Planet Chiropractic has other topics to cover than to be writing articles about you and the funny falls you take.

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