Who is God’s Doctor?

By Sal Hendrix, Nurse and future DC

While some of us still wonder how and why we’re here on this planet, many of us have definite ideas. Personally, a strong belief in God and Universal energy helps me maintain a positive outlook on life. Some of us believe that we are “called” into certain paths in this journey we call life. Calling life a journey helps me to remember that we’re here to learn and grow. The only alternative would be to accept life as it is and not to continually reach for a goal or to challenge ourselves to strive to get better. While for some this may be comfortable, for many of us (especially Future DCs), it would be death.

In my career paths of the past, the medical field has always drawn me. It was not that I wanted to become an MD but that I had hopes of making a difference in the lives of many, impacting each in a positive healing way. I chose Nursing so I could help and heal sick people (so I thought).

When I became a nurse, after many challenges along the way, I felt my destination had been reached. So you can imagine my surprise when I found that I was more confused than ever. Something in medicine was missing. Something in medicine was lacking. The feeling was so strong that it drove me to investigate further. Most people living in the United States today, as well as in many other areas of the world, are led to believe from an early age, that when you are “ill”, you go to the Doctor to get well (meaning an MD). With this belief firmly in mind, and armed with a positive attitude and a new nursing license, I went out into the medical field… only to be met with more confusion than answers. People complaining of illnesses, taking one chemical mixture after another, pouring money into the medical profession in an attempt to purchase, not health, but only relief from the pain and other symptoms that continually drained their once able bodies. It was (and is) most depressing to work in this field. I began to ask “Why” more and more. I started investigating the patient’s health problems more closely and the “answers” the medical profession gave the patients. What I found was that medicine could offer little more than pain relief to sick people (if even that) and little or nothing in the way of actual Healing. In emergencies they were great and, in emergency situations, most of them knew what they were doing… but that was the extent of their ability to truly help the patient.

So, I knelt and prayed… “Who is your doctor, God?” What a silly question, you may say. Why would God need a Doctor? He is the Doctor. He created the Universe. He made us in his own likeness and He certainly needs no Doctor. He is perfect (as we were at creation). So, why would we need a Doctor? Because at times, on this planet, we put ourselves through such trials that we become subluxated (in spine and in mind). Because at times, outside forces traumatize our bodies and we all need help. God knew this. He knew that at such times we would need medicinals of some type so he made available to us in our environment all that we would ever need to help ourselves.

God did not invent laboratory chemicals, instead, he gave us the wonderful things in nature that work with our perfect bodies to aid the body in healing itself. He gave us the knowledge that our Brain is the Control Booth for all our body systems and that the Spine is the Master Switch. If the master switch is only half way engaged, the healing energies may still flow but not at maximum capacity. When the Control Booth attendant is asleep or drowsy, the wrong buttons may be “pushed” or some “not pushed at all”…in other words chaos is not only possible but highly probable in the body. This can be manifested in the body as gallbladder attacks, migraine headaches, seizures, bladder problems, breathing difficulties, digestive problems… you name it, and it can so often be caused by the lack of normal nerve energy (which, I feel, also leads to improper blood flow to the body’s organs and muscles).

God’s perfect machine, our body, is run on a complex master plan involving (among other things) blood sugar, oxygen, and electrolytes. Isn’t it interesting that electrolytes would be called that? That all of the wonderful things in our bodies are happening because of nerve impulses, a form of electricity? Isn’t it fascinating that this electrical energy comes from the Brain and travels to the various systems of the body through the Spine?

How can a chemical given “from outside in” possibly do anything but interfere with this perfect plan? Powerful chemicals given from the outside in force the body to adapt to their presence and, in the process, body systems that were normal will now be heavily stressed from the forced change.

God gave us the knowledge that when we interfere with the normal flow of energy, we become dis-eased. He went even further and gave us positive warning signs in our body that would cause us to search out the things in nature that can give us relief. And, in his great benevolence, he gave us CHIROPRACTIC to remove the interference that is the basic cause of all dis-ease… and Nature to remove the symptoms and help the body repair itself to correct the damage the nerve interference has caused, and to supplement our diets to prevent further damage.

love Chiropractic because it is NON-INVASIVE, NON-CHEMICAL, and is accomplished with natural things that GOD created, Our Hands. As I understand Chiropractic, we remove our egos from the equation so God can work through us to remove the interference and allow the body (the patient’s body and our body) to do what it can do so well if given no interference… HEAL itself.

Next time you pray, talk to God, meditate, or whatever you do to communicate with God as you know him…. Ask God, “Who is your Doctor?”

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