Give thanks each day for everything you have

By James Sigafoose, Chiropractor

For years, Dr. James Sigafoose has been sharing a positive message of chiropractic with all that will listen. He has spoken at thousands of events attended by chiropractors and the general public. While this content is intended for doctors of chiropractic, “the message” here can be utilized and acted upon by anyone.

You can’t do anything at all, that you don’t think you can. If you can see it, and fully believe it, no mater what, nor how big, you can do it in Gods time, not yours.

If you wish to grow your practice, grow your bank account, enlarge or grow in any way, you can do it through thot, if you see it clearly, not give it up, or become weak, and apply action.

Everything including you is and was provided by a supreme intelligence, so where do you think a bigger practice and income is going to come from. Not by doubt, not from a friend, not by thinking all the reasons you can’t or won’t. No… by seeing, believing, and dependence on a greater power and intelligence then you.

See your practice, the way you want it to be, not the way it is, see your patients, the way you want them to be, not as they are, see all your affairs, and life as you want it to be, give thanks for it as though it already has been done, then simply act and become the person that owns that.

Give thanks each day for everything you have including yourself, health, wealth, children etc. Then give thanks for everything you have that is in the 4th dimension, that is it hasn’t materialized yet, but will as it is yours, based on belief, and thankfulness. It works, it always has, it always will. How strong are you to see, believe, you have something you can’t see or have evidence of? That’s up to you, and I will help you do that, but you have to start, and be willing.

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Editor’s note: Words like “thot” are purposely spelled phonetically on this web site.
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