September October Events and Conferences

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

A listing of conferences and events taking place during September and October in cities such as Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, Arlington, Eatontown, Tempe, and Lancaster. Chances are there’s a chiropractic conference taking place somewhere near you. Get out of the office and get connected with local and visiting chiropractors, you’ll be glad you did.

Healing Takes Time Epigram(photo: epigram on the wall of the DCS clubhouse in Orange County, California)

Bring out your dead! First event coming up is tomorrow night in Newport Beach, California with Dr. Fred Schofield speaking at the Dead Chiropractic Society clubhouse at 8 pm. This is going to be a loud event that I suspect will go past 2 am. There is nothing else like it in Southern California.

Parker Dallas at the Arlington Convention Center in Texas kicks off on September 25. The event goes through Saturday and it features a number of chiropractic speakers and a large exhibit hall of chiropractic vendors.

Also taking place this weekend is New Beginnings for a New Future Weekend September 2008 which begins on the 25th and closes out Sunday on the 28th. If you are attending New Beginnings, be sure and stay till the very end so you can participate in the candlelight closing.

New Beginnings takes place in Eatontown New Jersey, at the Sheraton Hotel and Conference Center, about 45 minutes outside of Newark International Airport (EWR). If you are renting a car watch out for those New Jersey jug handles.

The first week of October features Focus Philosophy meetings in Bartonsville, Pennsylvania with Drs. Sharon Gorman and Steve Judson. October Focus takes place on Saturday the 4th. Check the link for details on upcoming Pennsylvania Focus philosophy events.

There is a Schofield Chiropractic Training taking place in Tempe Arizona on Saturday, October 4th. Many chiropractors attending arrive on Friday and stay through the weekend. Tempe is a really fun college town (ASU) with plenty of restaurants and bars for colleagues to gather at and celebrate.

Also taking place on October 4 is the Cleveland Chiropractic Coming Home 2008 continuing education seminar. It features pediatric adjusting, practice principles, and hours for x-ray technique. The all-day Saturday event is good for 12 hours relicensing education and it takes place on the CCCLA Los Angeles campus. Instructors include Drs. David Gendreau, Brian Porteous, and Claire O’Neill. The event is only $99 which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you are a lifetime alumni supporter (like myself) you can attend this event at no cost. Speak to someone at CCCLA about becoming a lifetime alumni, it’s well worth the investment. Call 323-906-2197 to get registered for this event.

The California Chiropractic Association is hosting a 100 year lifestyle weekend in San Diego on Saturday and Sunday, October 11 and 12th. The event takes place at the Catamaran Resort, which is located on Mission Boulevard in San Diego, California. The seminar qualifies for 12 hours of continuing education in the state. Check the related article for details.

October 25 in Lancaster, California features another Chiropractic Search Marketing Intensive taking place with yours truly. The event is an all-day intensive which goes from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and whatever takes place afterwards. Real-world results will be presented of chiropractic offices attracting 30 or more new patients per month using the Internet. None of the examples use any PPC advertising and ROI is staggering. This is a headspace changing event for chiropractic marketers. Space is limited to 25 attendees.

Whether you are attending events or hosting events, tools to promote and ways to find out about what’s taking place in your area are available on the seminar pages, check them out today. @ 11:25 am | Article ID: 1222194341